Shower Mixer Faucet

Choosing the Right Shower Mixer Faucet


    – The characteristics of a shower mixer faucet

    – Choosing the right shower faucet

The shower mixer faucet allows water to flow at the desired temperature. Therefore, it is one of the main accessories of the tap, along with the head, the column, and the flexible hose. Discover all its characteristics to make the best choice according to your needs and tastes.

Characteristics of a shower mixer faucet


The mixing faucet is the simplest of the shower faucets. It is composed of a handle on the right, controlling the cold water, and another on the left for hot water.

It is most often a one-hole faucet, with the handles integrated directly into the faucet. But there are also models with three holes: one for cold water, one for hot water, and one for the faucet itself.

Advantages and disadvantages 

Among the advantages of the shower mixer, its price, very modest compared to a mixer. But also its design, rather classic, allows it to fit in all types of showers, including those to the old.

However, this type of faucet has one main drawback. It is not very practical, as it requires you to find the right temperature manually by operating the two levers, which can lead to a waste of water before obtaining the desired temperature.

Note: there are also shower mixers. Simple, they have only one handle, activated horizontally, allowing the flow rate and temperature to choose. Thermostatic is equipped with two controls, one to adjust the flow rate, the other the temperature.

How to choose your shower faucet

Shower Mixer Faucet

Design and finishes

Retro, classic, or more contemporary with pure or original shapes: shower mixers for every taste. Combined with a gold finish, it is ideal, for example, to give a retro look to the shower. The same goes for the finishes:

    – Chrome, the faucet can be matte, brushed, or polished. It is easy to maintain and particularly resistant, but water drops can leave marks. 

    The faucet is also resistant and less easily marked in stainless steel, but it is not scratch-proof.

    – Other finishes are possible, such as brass or inexpensive synthetic materials.

Option: the flow restrictor

The bathroom uses the most water, with a 4 to 5-minute shower using 60 to 80 liters of water. The flow restrictor allows you to save water while maintaining excellent comfort. It takes the form of a mousse, which inflates the water drops with air, or a resistance point designed to block the flow rate halfway.


You can find shower faucets in home improvement stores, faucet and bathroom specialty stores, and the Internet. You can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to over $100, depending on the model and manufacturer, excluding installation.

Good to know: the warranty on a shower mixer tap is generally 5 years. As for the NF certification, issued by an independent organization, it guarantees, among other things, the mixer’s resistance to corrosion, its durability, flow rate, silent filling, and its interchangeability.

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Choosing the Right Shower Mixer Faucet

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