Shower Grab Bar

The purpose of installing a shower grab bar is to help people with disabilities take a shower independently. There are two models to meet this principle: fixed bars and removable bars. The fixed grab bar remains the safest and most durable solution. The removable grab bar can respond to an immediate and temporary emergency. 

Shower grab bar: standards

As the grab bar is a safety element, standards govern this product.

Legal obligations

In private homes, installing a grab bar in the shower is voluntary. On the other hand, in new and existing establishments receiving the public, the bathrooms of rooms adapted to the disabled must be equipped with this grab bar.


The shower is equipped with a lateral support bar allowing the person to transfer from the chair to the shower seat and vice versa. The bar is located at the height of between 0.70 and 0.80 m. The installation and positioning of the bar are delicate because an anomaly of altimetry can generate difficulties going against its objective.

Important: whether the grab bar is fixed or removable (with suction cups), its fixation and the support must allow an adult to support himself with his total weight.

Fixing a fixed shower grab bar

Shower Grab Bar

This point is the most delicate phase because an abnormality on the fixing can involve the fall of the user…

Identifying the nature of the support is essential because the type of fixation depends on it. Thus, you must imperatively recognize the support material by a survey and choose the most suitable anchor for the nature and thickness of this material. The list of the different possible supports in the building is essential. Some light concretes can present a certain fragility to sealing. You should avoid lightweight partitions (plasterboard with a cardboard cell).

We will therefore limit ourselves to the two most common supports used in recent collective constructions:

Plasterboard facing partition on a metal framework

It would be best to have a metal drill to perforate a steel profile. The packaging often presents a drawing of the partition. It is necessary to choose the pegs specific to this type of partition. Then, it is essential to locate the metal profiles of the framework to be fixed on them.

Concrete wall

This type of support is the most difficult. You need a vibrating concrete punch and a quality drill bit designed for this type of wall. The dowel is also a specific dowel for this type of support.

Fixing a removable shower grab bar

Shower Grab Bar

Thanks to its suction cups, the removable safety handle is easy to install. The diameter of the suction cups is at least 9.5 cm. It is fixed by creating a powerful vacuum under the suction disc. The installer must test the removable handle before letting a disabled person use it.

Price of a shower grab bar

For a fixed grab bar, count between $30 and $45. The price of the anchors depends on the nature of the support; for example, it can be $15 for 4 specific wall plugs for gypsum board walls. For 4 dowels for vibrated concrete walls, it can be around $25. Professional installation varies depending on the company, but you should assume an hourly rate of $45 or more nowadays.

Prices for quality removable grab bars range from $45 to $60.

Hope this post helps you choose the shower grab bar you want to install. Remember to share your experience in the comment section below.

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