Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair: What Tenants Should Know


 – Water heater maintenance and repair contract

 – Troubleshooting water heaters: what is the tenant’s responsibility

 Every year, owners and tenants must have their water heaters checked by a certified and qualified heating engineer.

 The heating engineer gives the tenants a certificate to provide to the owner or the housing management organization.

 If you respect this obligation, you limit the possibility of a breakdown.

 Good to know: The sweeping of the flues is also mandatory once a year, and it is not always included in the basic maintenance contract of your water heater.

 Maintenance contract and repair of the water heater

Water Heater Repair

 Taking out an annual maintenance contract for your water heater is not mandatory, but it can bring you benefits:

  •  no need to look for a plumber/heating engineer to visit,
  •  an annual package that may include some troubleshooting and replacement of defective parts,
  •  if you have priority and need a repair, the trip is often included in the contract.

 It is necessary to compare different contracts, many options exist, and the prices are very variable.

 They must indicate everything in the contract; read it carefully before signing.

 Troubleshooting water heaters: what is the tenant’s responsibility

 Although the law is clear, in practice, it is not always easy to determine what each party is responsible for and who pays for what.

 Water heater repair: what the law says

 According to the law, in terms of heating, hot water production, and taps, the tenant must:

  •  replace the bimetals such as the thermocouple, pistons, diaphragms, water box, piezoelectric ignition, valves and gaskets of gas appliances,
  •  flush and clean heating elements and piping,
  •  ensure the replacement of seals, valves, and glands of faucets,
  •  ensure the replacement of seals, floats, and bell gaskets of flush toilets.

 Tenant’s responsibility and water heater repair

 In summary, the tenant is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of minor parts if necessary.

 However, if the appliance needs to be changed, the landlord is responsible for this.

 If the appliance is damaged due to the tenant’s negligence, the apparatus is changed, which is the tenant’s responsibility. For example:

  •  if the problems are because the annual maintenance of the water heater has not been done,
  •  if the tenant has not followed the maintenance recommendations for an electric water heater…

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Water Heater Repair: What Tenants Should Know

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