Professional v/s Amateur Plumber

Compared to a professional, an amateur plumber is not licensed, may not have enough experience dealing with your plumbing issue and will not produce any official receipt to you as he may not be paying business taxes. The professional will show you an official receipt with the company seal, company details like business name, address, business, and tax registration numbers.

Bait and switch

When you ask for a quotation, a professional plumber should offer you the build and model of all major elements or appliances. An amateur plumber will charge for pricey elements, when in fact he/she is buying low quality and cheap items. If you think the prices of the items are simply too high, compare them with other suppliers.

The technical plumbing jargon

A professional plumber will show you what materials he’s using and list these items specifically in the quote. Also, when you are unsure about a couple of things, the professional will have clear explanations. In contrast, an amateur may use a mix of technical/plumbing words which can confuse you.

Professional plumbers will never overcharge

Amateur plumbers have a tendency to overcharge as they don’t have your best interest at heart and is only looking to make more money. Professionals will allow you time to think before you decide to go forward with the project within an agreed budget.

Home insurance coverage

Suppose you have got a plumbing job wrongly done by an unregistered plumber, and the issue has aggravated, your insurance will not cover you in case of damages caused to your water pipes. The unregistered plumber cannot guarantee you peace of mind, whereas a professional and licensed plumber is covered by insurance.

Avoid the high deposit

Nearly all professional contractors need some form of deposit before beginning work. Most professionals charge around ten percent, however, if the plumber asks for a considerably larger deposit, you ought to be cautious.

Professional plumbers deliver effective solutions

The expert will analyze the situation and provide you with long-term solutions to solve your issues. He will, for instance, not only unclog your sink but use solutions to clean your drains as well. He will be genuinely interested to help you avoid repetitive issues. The amateur will not be able to fully analyze the situation and later on, you may end up calling a professional do the job again.

Be on the safe side, deal with a professional for all your plumbing issues.

Professional v/s Amateur Plumber

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