How to Change the Thermostat of an Electric Water Heater


– Step 1: Turn off the power supply

– Step 2: Locate the thermostat on the electric water heater.

– Step 3: Replace the thermostat

– Step 4: Restarting the Water Heater

If the water in your water heater is no longer hot, it is possible that the thermostat has failed.

Before changing the thermostat of an electric water heater:

Reset the thermal safety of the thermostat, if the water still does not heat, it may need to be replaced.

Test the thermostat, if the test result is negative, it means the thermostat does not work anymore.

– If the test is positive, check the resistance.

Changing a thermostat is not complicated, so you can take out your screwdrivers after buying the part that corresponds to your unit and install your new thermostat. Here is a step-by-step guide to changing the thermostat on an electric water heater.

You will need the following equipment to change the thermostat of an electric water heater:

– Electrician’s Phillips-head screwdriver.

– Thermostat

1. Turn off the power supply

Before working on your electric water heater, it is essential to cut off the power supply at the main circuit breaker.

Caution: keep children and pets away from the work area. Check that the power supply is switched off.

2. Locate the thermostat of the electric water heater

– Open the cover of your electric water heater with a screwdriver.

– You can see the circuit board on which various components are mounted, depending on the type of resistor:

◦ on the surface: the thermostat;

◦ inside your tank: the resistor, the anode…

Note: The above tips are meant for a DIY enthusiast. Please do not attempt any of the following if you are in doubt. The best you could do is to call a professional like Marlin Plumbing of Miami. They offer plumbing services, water heater installation, bathroom remodels, faucets repair, and more.

3. Replacing the thermostat

– Unscrew the screws holding the electrical wires of the thermostat.

– Remove the thermostat by pulling it towards you.

– Put the new thermostat in place.

– Replace the electrical wires.

Tip: For the location of the wires, you can take a photo as a memory aid.

4. Restarting the water heater

– Turn your main breaker back on.

– If necessary, turn your cumulus on “forced” to quickly check if you have hot water.

Note: do not forget to put your water heater back on “normal” as soon as you have checked that it is working properly.

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Hope the above step-by-step guide helps you to fix your electric water heater. This will also avoid the unnecessary expenses of having to buy and install a new water heater. The few tips and guides provided in the above blog articles are little secrets that not all plumbers will want you to know! But at times, getting the job done by an expert is much quicker and safer rather than trying to do something which in the end may not give you the expected results. Should you know more about repairing an electric water heater, do not hesitate to leave your comments in the comment section below. Your opinion counts and our readers will like to hear more from you also!

How to Change the Thermostat of an Electric Water Heater

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