How to Install a Water Heater

Once you have chosen your water heater according to your needs, the next step is to install it or have it installed by a professional – all according to the rules of the trade, without neglecting essential components and possible accessories. In this new post, Marlin Plumbing helps you to install your water heater properly.


– Who should I contact for installation?

– Water heater installation: three types of installations

– DIY (do-it-yourself): installation and connection procedure

– Installation of a solar water heater

Who should I contact for installation?

To have your electric water heater installed by a professional, contact a plumber/heater installer, both of whom specialize in hot water and heating.

For other types of water heaters, gas, solar, thermodynamic, it is imperative to contact a professional, first of all for safety reasons. And to be covered by your insurance in the event of a claim, installation and commissioning must be carried out by a professional.

Water heater installation: three types of installations

Before installing the water heater, you should consider the configuration of your space and its location. Then, the installation rules differ depending on the model of water heater. However, it is essential to comply with the regulations in force and in particular the safety standards imposed for the installation of a water heater in bathrooms.

Depending on the installation chosen for your water heater, you will have the choice between three models of water heater.

Mini water heater

Mini water heater: small and compact, it can be easily installed anywhere, as close as possible to the tap points, even in the most complex configurations (under the sink, in a cupboard).

Vertical water heater

Vertical water heater: instantaneous and compact. Its installation is again easy (above the sink, in a laundry room);

Hot water tank

Hot water tank: it is more cumbersome in terms of height and diameter, and heavier. The installation of the hot water tank can pose some problems.

Good to know: don’t just go and buy a hot water tank to later have it fixed by a professional. You should beforehand have your bathroom visited by a professional plumber who will then advise you what is best for your plumbing system.

Warning: If you are doing the job yourself, you must consider the accessibility of your water heater and leave an access space around the equipment. This will facilitate maintenance and monitoring (leak detection).

DIY (do-it-yourself): installation and connection procedure

The connection of the water heater is multiple and includes:

An electric water heater connection: contact the professionals at Marlin Plumbing, they will help you to connect your hot water tank.

A water heater connection to the sanitary network can be as follows:

– Possibly a connection to a buffer tank: it stores the water while avoiding temperature variations in the whole hot water circuit. It is an insulated storage tank that can be used for all types of energy, but particularly for heat pumps and solar energy.

– Possibly a connection to a water heater pressure reducer: it is installed after the water meter, and allows you to reduce the water pressure and avoid problems in your installation in general and on your water heater in particular.

The first step is to determine the location of your water heater, which must be as close as possible to the tap points, while remaining easily accessible.

It must then be installed on a pedestal, or carefully secured to the wall with anchor points suitable for the support.

Then it must be connected to the cold water inlet and the hot water outlet.

Finally, an electric water heater will be connected to a wall-mounted cable outlet. For a gas storage water heater, you must provide a connection to a flue gas outlet and a properly ventilated room.

Installation of a solar water heater

If you are environmentally conscious and want to reduce your energy consumption, you may have opted for the installation of a solar water heater. The solar water heater is often chosen as a complement to another energy source and exists in two forms:

The solar water heater kit:

Contains all the elements you need to complete the installation of the solar water heater.

The composition of the kits on the market is variable, depending on the needs, capacity and connections of the water heater.

It is sufficient to assemble or have a professional assemble the elements together following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Creating your own solar water heater:

Such a project is difficult to carry out, it is reserved for passionate and very knowledgeable handymen.

You must design each of the elements, their connections and their implementation.

The connection of the solar water heater and its installation also requires specific skills, but it costs less than the kit.

Good luck if you are on a DIY mission, but in any case, you can get in touch with the experts at Marlin Plumbing in Miami.

How to Install a Water Heater

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