Refrigerated Transportation

Ever wondered how cold products or goods are transported over long distances? How do they keep their lush, flavours and colours? Well say hello to Refrigerated Transportation! This new method of shipping freight is the answer to transporting special and temperature-sensitive products that are shipped or transported over long distances.

This novel idea took flight in the 1800s when cargo transporters would place ice and salt below products that needed to stay cold in train cars. However, this process proved to be ineffective and led to major losses in value of goods and profits. Until the 1900s when more efficient modes of refrigerated transportation were developed and came to be the giant refrigerated transportation business that we know now.

Now the refrigeration transport options and climate controlled storage includes trucking services, reefer trucks or reefer units. Held inside liquid nitrogen container, dry ice and air cargo, perishable goods and products are well preserved and last longer. However, it is to be noted that there is a difference between frozen storage and refrigerated transport. Just because both uses the same method of freezing products to keep them longer does not mean they work the same way.

Refrigerated transport means that the temperature is kept just a few degrees above the freezing point whereby products are maintained at a range between 37 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit, decreasing the temperature further would only negatively affect the shelf life of the products. Frozen storage, on the other hand, brings the temperature down to around 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

And as our world is becoming a smaller village by the day, finding a company that provides reliable refrigerated transportation services is not a problem and we can rest assured that our products will reach its destination looking as brand new as it left. Above all, refrigerated transportation is a great way to ensure perishable products are well kept and transported in an ideal environment. Some products that can be carried with this new transport model are foodstuffs, medicines, among others.

Refrigerated transportation is not a new idea but one that has definitely improved a lot over the years to become the main means to carry perishable goods across long distances and ensure everything is fresh, even after 8 hours of travelling in a closed container. So if you got a temperature-sensitive product that needs transportation, get in touch with one of the refrigerated transportation companies in your town and rest assured that the product will reach its destination safe and sound.

What is Refrigerated Transportation?

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