Unlocking the AC Mystery: Inverter vs. Normal AC

The air conditioning offer has grown considerably. It can sometimes be difficult to find your way around. The first step in determining the right model is simply to find out about the different types of air conditioners available.

The power

In order to best evaluate your home’s air conditioning needs, you will need to take into account many criteria: room surface area and exposure, number of openings, number of inhabitants, etc. It may be advisable to carry out a heat balance in order to choose the right size for your air conditioner.


For a silent device, it makes a noise of less than 30 dB. The silent mode which is present on some models is particularly pleasant at night. From one model to another, there are big differences, knowing that the monoblocs are the noisiest. Don’t hesitate to compare by referring to the energy label, which mentions the sound power.

The energy class

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Before purchasing your device, be sure to check out other features such as :

– Its energy consumption, which depends on :

— the energy class, represented by the energy label. Prefer appliances rated A+, A++, A+++ ;

— the SEER (Seasonal Efficiency Energy Ratio), which is the coefficient of cold performance over a season. It is the ratio between the energy produced and that consumed.

The two main families of air conditioners: monobloc and split air conditioners

Basic Principle

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Air conditioning uses a refrigeration cycle to produce cold, or more precisely to absorb heat in a desired location and releases it elsewhere, usually outdoors. To fully understand the principle, this post explains how it works and its components.

Monobloc air conditioner

As the name implies, this type of air conditioner is made up of a single unit. Easy to install and economical to purchase, it is perfect for small spaces. However, it should be installed close to an opening for the exhaust duct.

Split and multisplit air conditioner

The split air conditioner consists of at least two units, one outside and one or more inside. When it has several indoor units, thus making it possible to air-condition a large volume or several rooms, it is called a multisplit air conditioner.

Fixed or mobile air conditioner?

To make your choice, estimate your air conditioning needs: is it one-off or regular and is it in a single room or several rooms?

Good to know: contrary to popular belief, split monobloc air conditioners exist in both forms: fixed or mobile.

Fixed air conditioner

In this case, the air conditioner is installed once and for all. The indoor unit can take on different appearances: wall console, cassette air conditioner or ducted.

Mobile air conditioner

The air conditioner has casters and can be easily moved from room to room. But should a single-piece version be preferred? This type of air conditioner is inexpensive and space-saving, but relatively noisy and should only be used in small rooms.

Good to know: you lack space? Think about the mini air conditioner: it can be a monobloc or split unit. Be careful, however, with the power consumption of either model, which is generally quite high.

Reversible air conditioners

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This is an air-to-air heat pump, which can produce cold in summer or warm in winter by reversing its refrigeration cycle. It actually takes the calories from the outside air and releases them inside. However, this type of air conditioner should only be installed by a professional.

Other solutions

Solar air conditioners

The obvious advantage of such an air conditioning system is that it takes advantage of the free energy provided by the sun. However, it is a relatively heavy installation, which must absolutely be carried out by a professional.

Two air conditioning systems exist: one uses thermal solar panels to produce hot water and then air condition. The other uses photovoltaic solar panels, which produce electricity to run a conventional air conditioner.

Air coolers

A solution halfway between air conditioning and fan, 100% natural, as it does not require the use of refrigerant, it should of course be borne in mind that it cannot be as efficient as conventional air conditioning.

Fans: the traditional alternative to air conditioning

The purpose of a fan is to circulate air to cool at a lower cost, without producing cold like an air conditioner.

Do you want more information before making your choice of air conditioner? You will find essential information through a variety of posts on this blog to help you in your choices. Do not forget to write your comments below. We want to hear from you!

Criteria to Choose Your Type of Air Conditioner

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