3 Common Types of Refrigerator Failures

Like any household appliance, your refrigerator is not safe from sudden failure. First reflex: call the after-sales service of the store where you bought it so that a technician can come and repair this malfunction. When you have a problem with your refrigerator, take back your invoice to see the date of purchase and therefore to see if you are still under warranty or not. However, nothing prevents you from making a pre-diagnosis of the failure beforehand…

There are three main types of failures that affect refrigerators:

1. Refrigerator Not Cooling

It is a breakdown that affects the cold. The unit no longer produces cold while its compressor continues to run or the inside of the cabin is warm and ammonia passes through the back of the unit. In this case, the verdict is final: you must replace the device, a repair will indeed cost you much more than buying a new one!

2. Heating Problems

We are talking about a heating problem when the rear tubes of the refrigerator are cold when they should be at 60°C. It is then necessary to change the resistances. On gas refrigerators, call a professional to change the burner.

3. Temperature Control Problems

The defrost clock or thermostat is damaged. In some cases, the repair is possible. But most often, however, the device must also be completely replaced. For gas refrigerators, do not manipulate anything as a serious accident can happen quickly. Let a professional do it.

If It Is Still Under Warranty:

In this case, it is best to call your store’s after-sales service so that they can send a technician to carry out a diagnosis and repair your device.

If It Is No Longer Under Warranty:

If your device is no longer under warranty, a company specializing in cold applications will be able to come to you for information (either an affiliated company of the store where you purchased the device or a completely independent company). First, the technician will come to diagnose the breakdown; then, he will make a quotation; finally, he will make the repair or advise you to change your refrigerator.

Attention! These three services will, of course, be invoiced to you, most of the time in the form of a fixed price (travel, 30 minutes of diagnosis and labor). Your invoice will also show the price of the parts used to repair your unit.

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3 Common Types of Refrigerator Failures

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