Tips in Choosing the Best Cooling System for Your Home

With winter going full-on in the Northern hemisphere, the Southern hemisphere is going through a summer that is causing so much distress. We tend to have refuge in the coolness of our air cooling systems, but unfortunately, some households do not have the chance to be blessed with air that cools almost everywhere in your house. Well, there are cooling systems that give up well before we can use it and we end up with nothing to cool us in the harsh summer heat.

Buying a cooling system is the best option that we are left with, and some of us have to think a lot before making this crucial purchase. When it comes time to choose a new cooling system, you want to make the wisest choice possible; even it is with a little help from an air conditioning and heating service company. Well, if you haven’t gone to the company yet, here are some tips in choosing the right cooling system for your home.

Research – There is going to be many things that will determine your selection of the unit you want to buy. You will need to do your homework before you decide which system to buy. The main focus will be on the room that you want to cool and how much capacity it demands. Asking a vendor about this would be a great thing, and you can also ask what is included with the system. Well, if you have a house that has been passed on through generations, then you will need to look on if a cooling system is required or not. Make sure that you know what you are getting and remember be diligent here!

Money – Well, it is normal that money is going to be the priority here. You are investing in something that might be for a long-term. So, be careful when it comes to figuring the right price about buying an air conditioner. Think well before taking any decision that will not dis-balance your budget. Do keep in mind there might be incentives and rebates when purchasing a new system. You must look at all the financial impacts of your decision and make sure you know which one is best for you.

Cooling capacity – As mentioned earlier, you have to consider the cooling capacity of the cooling system when making the purchase. When buying an HVAC system, you have to consider the fact that your HVAC will have the ability to cool your home. Air conditioning is essential for some people with health issues, the young and the elderly. So do not cut on cooling capacity as it is the most important part of any home comfort system. Do think of the heating aspect of the system as well.

Opt for the right size – Bigger cooling unit does not necessarily mean that it will cool your home more effectively. It is recommended to avoid using an oversized unit as they have a short cycling issue. So there is no use of buying a machine that switches on and off frequently, so better buy an AC that depends on the load calculations that the vendor will suggest. Just be careful that bigger isn’t always better!

Go for an energy-efficient model – If you are replacing one or installing a new one, do invest in an energy-efficient option. As you will be using it most of the time and you certainly do not want your electricity bill to take a hike at the end of each month. So, do ask well before making the final payment and be sure that it has an energy-saving setting, where the unit will turn off not only the compressor but also the fan once your space has cooled off, thus conserving energy.

Compare the star ratings – Nowadays, you will notice that all air conditioners have an energy rating label to compare the efficiency of different models. If there is a blue band, then the cooling efficiency is shown by how many stars are labelled on thus you know how much you are saving on your cooling costs. Air conditioners with the same star rating and capacity output use the number in the blue power input box in the middle of the label to compare power consumption. The lower the number, the better it is. If you are asking for a quote for an air conditioner, then do ask for the cooling and heating output of unit in kilowatts (kW) so that you can compare different models.

Buy for a long-term – It is recommended to seek professional advice to make sure you get a cooling system that is the right size for the area you will be cooling. Refrigerative air conditioners come in both cooling-only and reverse-cycle models which provide both heating and cooling. Opt for a high-efficiency reverse-cycle air conditioner as it will save energy and cost less to run on the long-term.

Don’t forget the warranty – Warranty is the first thing that most people look when buying an electrical appliance. Do ask for the warranty period as it will be easier for you to manage your budget then.

Invest by installing the right AC unit for your home. If you have any questions about an HVAC system, Peninsula Heating Cooling & Electrical will be happy to help you pick the best one. Contact them today for a free consultation.

Tips in Choosing the Best Cooling System for Your Home
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