The Prefabricated Hammam Cabin

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of a hammam in your own home? It is quite possible to install a hammam in your home, especially thanks to the prefabricated, easy to install and affordable hammam cabins.

How Does a Prefabricated Hammam Cabin Look Like?

If you want to install a prefabricated hammam cabin, first of all, you should know that you have a wide choice of shapes, sizes, and types of installation. Indeed, prefabricated hammams can consist of a kit to install in your bathtub or shower, but it can also be a separate cabin that you assemble and install.

Be aware that this last type of hammam is the most widespread among domestic hammams because they allow you to benefit from a complete installation, simple to install and whose price is attractive. Indeed, you must count between $1 000 and $10 000 to acquire a prefabricated hammam cabin, knowing that the price will depend on the model, materials, and size of the cabin you choose.

Characteristics of Prefabricated Hammam Cabins

Thus, prefabricated hammam cabins can meet different characteristics:

– The cabin door can be made of Plexiglas or glass.
– The cabins can accommodate from 2 to 20 people, but most domestic steam rooms are sold for a capacity of 2 to 7 people.
– You can find cabins with more or less comfortable seats depending on the range of your hammam.
– Some models may offer additional options, such as aromatherapy, chromotherapy, hydromassage shower, thermal insulation, etc.

In any case, you should know that your prefabricated hammam cabin will systematically be provided with lighting, hydraulic system and steam generator.

Installing Your Prefabricated Hammam Cabin: Precautions

If you acquire a prefabricated hammam cabin, you should know that you will not need to call on a professional, and that is the whole point of these cabins: they have been designed to allow you to install them yourself.

However, it is necessary to carry out some checks before installing your prefabricated hammam cabin:

– Make sure that you benefit from water drainage, especially if your hammam is combined with a shower, hydromassage or other function.
– The ceiling height must be at least 2 meters.
– The cabin must be placed near an electrical outlet in order to operate the steam regulator.
– The room in which you place your cabin must be well ventilated.

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The Prefabricated Hammam Cabin

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