Why You Should Switch to LED

Why You Should Switch to LED

Recently LED lighting has become the number one new lighting technology. It is the alternative everyone is discussing when you need to change your bulbs or fixtures. Although the basic principles of LED technology are known to everyone, we decided to present you the 5 reasons to switch to LED.

1. Energy saving

The main idea about LED is that it saves a lot of money. Indeed, energy savings are always there. However, these will depend on the technology you replace. Generally speaking, LED lighting will save about 50% of energy compared to fluorescent or halogen lighting products. These savings can be even more interesting if you replace your powerful lighting fixtures with LEDs (for example, high bays). Here you can save up to 70% on your energy costs.

2. Respect for the environment

When your light bulb stops working, it’s always the same problem. What am I going to do with it? Put it in the “stuff box”? In the drawer? In the dish in the hallway where I put my keys and useless objects? LED lighting is much simpler. You can recycle it! Indeed, this technology is safe and contains no gas or harmful substances such as mercury. In addition to being an ecological solution, LED technology consumes less energy and has the same light intensity. LED products are, therefore, an excellent ecological solution to replace all your old bulbs and lights.

3. Return on investment

Why You Should Switch to LED

Although LED lighting may initially seem expensive, it should be considered a long-term investment. Technology constantly evolves, and prices have dropped since the first LED bulb was introduced. It is becoming more and more affordable to buy led products. The other aspect to consider is the return on investment. Let’s take an example. A classic halogen spotlight has a life span of about 2000 hours, so you must change it every year. Suppose you have 30 spots (30 x $2) = $60 per year of investment to replace them. The led alternative of this spotlight has an average life span of 5 to 10 years, with an average selling price of $4. So buying 30 led spotlights will cost you $120 (30 x $4). Although the initial investment is twice as high, the product life is 5 to 8 times longer. Thus, you will be sure to recover your investment within 2 years and save money over the remaining period.

4. No maintenance required

Why You Should Switch to LED

LED products do not waste light. The design of bulbs is different, more hemispherical than spherical, so they emit light in the right direction. For some LED products, the average lifespan can go up to 100 000 hours, and unlike fluorescent products (neon), there is no loss of light intensity. In addition, neon or fluorescent tubes can be expensive because of the frequent replacement of parts such as the starter or the ballast. LED products are maintenance-free.

5. Every bulb has its led alternative

Switching to LED lighting is very simple. Indeed, thanks to the “retrofit” design of the lamps, replacing a bulb or a tube does not require any change in the existing installation. LED technology is constantly evolving; almost all bulbs and fixtures have a led alternative equipped with the same base as the classic product.


LED lighting has even more benefits. It does not emit heat, works in cold or hot environments, is available in all shapes or sizes, comes in an increasing number of colour temperatures, does not flicker and is generally much better for the environment.

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Why You Should Switch to LED

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