10 Myths About Plumbing

Most people think they know a thing or two about plumbing, but in reality, they know nothing! So it’s no wonder that so many people end up calling plumbers to cover up their silly mistakes. There are many myths surrounding plumbing and here we give you ten that are mostly heard and used by ‘experts’.

1. Garbage disposal is good for everything.
You can put whatever you want down the garbage disposal, you think so! It may result in blocked drains. Razor don’t shred shells, thick skins or tough meats.

2. You can always let a leaky faucet be.
A faucet is nothing to worry about. There will be many people telling you that a leaky faucet is nothing to worry but that’s 10,000 gallons of water wasted a year.

3. Letting things go down the drain is good.
As long as things are going down the drain, it is in good condition.

4. Lemons as natural cleaners.
Lemons keep the garbage disposal clean. They are believed to be excellent cleaners but they are not!

5. Using toilet cleaners in tanks.
In tanks toilet cleaners are good. The chemicals used in toilet cleaners can make the tank become vulnerable to pressure causing it to break or crack.

6. Flushing face wipes is good.
Face wipes do no damage when flushed. It is believed that wipes cause no harm when flushed but accumulated, it can cause a build up and block the drains.

7. Soaps as bathroom fixtures.
Soaps can be used to clean bathroom fixtures. Chemicals from soaps corrode bathroom fixtures shortening their lifespan.

8. Plungers to the rescue.
Plungers work best for a blockage. When using a plunger, you are just worsening the problem. Instead of pulling the cause out it might just push it down further to a place where it will be hard to remove.

9. Ice cubes as sharpeners.
Ice cubes sharpen garbage disposal blades. It is believed that ice cubes can sharpen the blades in a garbage disposal. The abrasive nature of the cubes blunts the blades instead of sharpening them. Better replace the blades instead.

10. All plumbers are the same.
As not all doctors are the same, it is the same for plumbers. Trained differently, they gain experience differently. If you have been disappointed by a plumber before, it does not mean that every plumber will disappoint you with their work.

These myths are dangerous and yet so many people still believe them. So unfollow the plumbing myths and get in touch with a professional plumber!

10 Myths About Plumbing
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