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When it comes to heating, electric systems are popular. In Quebec, nearly 92% of homes are equipped with them. However, in the West, where it is produced, natural gas is the logical choice. Used for heating, but also drying and cooking in the residential sector, you could therefore consider this option for your home. Natural gas is known to be economical, but there are other benefits that may well convince you to make the switch. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about heating systems.

Reminder of the operating principle


The combustion of town gas or propane generates different compounds. Among these, you find water vapor. Condensing boilers will recover the heat from this. They do this before the evacuation of the fumes, which become less burning. The free energy obtained is then returned to the heating circuit.

Their installation requires two important elements. First, the liquid residues will be discharged into the wastewater system. This represents about 10 liters per day. Secondly, the combustion fumes are evacuated through a tubed chimney. Indeed, they are slightly acidic. They require, consequently, an adapted material. You can also opt for elimination by suction cup. You can then install your gas boiler in a non-ventilated room.

The energy savings generated are higher than those of a low-temperature boiler. The latter was already more economical than conventional models. In the end, your bill will be reduced. The installation by a qualified professional will allow us to respect the standards in force.

1. Savings

You’re right that natural gas is cheaper than its electric cousin. It is also- by far- more affordable than heating oil or fuel oil. And when you consider that its price/quality ratio is unmatched, you can understand why it’s so popular.

2. Reliability


Natural gas is capable of producing energy non-stop, day and night. No need to panic at the slightest power outage in the middle of winter: the natural gas supply is maintained, and so is the comfort of your activities.

3. Performance

Gas heating provides gentle, pleasant heat that doesn’t dry out the air. Why is it definitely the right system for your home? Natural gas appliances heat faster than their electric counterparts. In addition to this efficiency, the temperature can be adjusted to the nearest degree. So you can have comfort and harmony in every room of your home!

4. Safety

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When we talk about natural gas, we talk about its safety: it is non-toxic, easy to detect in case of a leak, and does not ignite quickly. Did you know that its product safety can also be praised? Most of the gas is transported through pipelines. Noise, traffic, and exhaust fumes are therefore not among their inconveniences.

For regions that are not connected to the pipeline network, such as the North Shore or Northern Quebec, the solution lies in cooling the gas to -162°C. The resulting liquefied gas is transported by truck, train, or ship over long distances. This practice reduces its volume by 600, resulting in transportation savings that prioritize safety.

5. Environmentally friendly

Natural gas boasts a cleaner burning method than any fossil fuel. In fact, it produces about 30% less CO2 than oil and about 50% less than coal. Its detractors point to its non-renewable nature, which is a valid criticism. In other words, it could become scarcer in the next few years, leading to an increase in its price. As for its smaller ecological footprint, it is also questioned by its composition – mainly methane- which has a higher global warming potential than CO2.

Fortunately, the Quebec government is aware of the situation and intends to promote renewable natural gas (RNG) from the combustion of biomass (mainly food waste). Its other objective is to continue to reduce the carbon footprint of this type of heating, notably through the Regulation respecting the quantity of RNG that must be delivered by a natural gas distributor, which will be implemented in 2019.

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Top 5 Reasons To Choose Gas Heater
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