Plumbing Emergency: How To Avoid A Christmas Disaster

If a plumber does the work, the placement of the equipment will be sufficient. This study will allow you to identify your needs and the ideal locations for your future equipment. For the choice of installation of your future piping, there is a wide range of pipes on the market (solid cast iron, copper, PEX, PER, PVC) suitable for all budgets. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about plumbing.

1. Call in a professional plumber


Although it is sometimes tempting to repair, renovate or install the plumbing in your home yourself, the risk involved far outweighs the benefits of doing it yourself. Whether you are a novice or a black belt in DIY, no one is safe from making a mistake… Between the operations to be carried out (draining, emptying, unblocking), the standards to be respected, and the problems to be diagnosed, a private individual will soon damage his or her entire plumbing network…

Yes, tutorials have limits, and nothing can replace the expertise of a professional plumber. Specializing in renovation work ordered online, IZI by EDF can enable you to program a “turnkey” service in a few clicks. At each stage of your project, a works designer will be there to accompany you, answer your questions, and plan the work (selection of the professional, purchase of materials, management of deadlines).

2. Get a free plumbing quote

There are already sites that allow you to obtain quotes from craftsmen. But IZI by EDF does not simply act as an intermediary between the customer and the craftsman. In fact, after making a request on their site and answering a few simple questions, you will immediately obtain a free, customized plumbing estimate. What’s more, everything can be done online.

Once you have validated this quote, a plumber will intervene within 48 hours and ensure that your plumbing work is carried out according to the standards in force and at the right price. In short, if there is nothing to prevent you from doing without the help of a professional or even looking for one yourself, going through the IZI by EDF network of professionals will allow you to obtain a fixed price and save time. In addition, you will save energy and avoid many worries.

3. Anticipate the creation of an additional shower room


Whether it’s a laundry room, a bathroom, or a toilet, adding a shower room has the double advantage of making your home more comfortable and enhancing its value. The added value you can realize on resale will offset the cost of the work required to install additional pipes and move the water supply. If the water feature you intend to create is not located near the main drain of your home, don’t panic!

The installation of devices such as a lifting pump or a sanitary grinder will allow you to evacuate your wastewater without any problems. To help you plan and have a clear vision of the organization of your pipes (routing, connections, etc.), do not hesitate to draw a diagram of your current and future installation.

4. Reduce your water consumption

150 liters. This is the amount of water that each French person consumes every year. Over the course of a year, this represents about $180 per person. In addition to being a natural resource that is disappearing, water has a cost that is not as negligible as that… To reduce your bill, there are several options available to you.

Firstly, you can fit your taps with water-saving devices. These “aerators” will allow you to reduce your water consumption by half. More modern infrared technology can also ensure that your taps, once fitted with sensors, only open when they detect hands. You can also buy showerheads with a “stop” option. However, to avoid damage to the shower hose from overpressure, you should choose a system that allows a thin stream of water to flow.

In addition, you should know that there are now economic flushing systems. Equipped with dual control- depending on whether you do the “small” or the “big” flush- these flushes will help reduce your water consumption by 45 to 60%. Finally, if you have a boiler, check that the expansion tank is working properly. If it is not, the correction of variations in the volume of water circulating in the heating circuit will be poor, and your consumption will soar.

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Top 4 Things To Know About Plumbing
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