New Year, Better Plumbing: Simple Plumbing Resolutions

2023 is finally here!

Though many of us are not the kinds of people who’ll plan for new beginnings, we are all still excited for this New Year. With COVID-19 variants, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, extreme weather conditions, political tensions and disruptions in the global economy, 2022, I guess, would go down in history as one of the most disastrous years. From soaring inflation to threats of a World War III and widespread strikes, a lot happened last year and I think this is why we are expecting a lot from 2023. And, by now, I guess many of you have already set your New Year’s resolutions.

Is it about losing weight or eating more healthily? Is it about acquiring new knowledge and skills so you can use them to improve your life? Do you want to build a more reliable network of people this year? Do you want to get rid of the negativity in your life and meditate more? Are you up to saving more money and buying a new car? Or, have you finally decided to break that bad habit of yours?

Setting manageable rules, making changes and replacing bad habits with good ones are great resolutions, but have you once thought about your house? Or, more precisely, your house’s plumbing system?

It’s no secret that plumbers had a wild ride in 2022 with a variety of plumbing issues, ranging from minor to major and costly. If you don’t want the same to happen to you this year, make sure you set the following New Year’s resolutions.

Don’t Ignore Little Problems

Don’t Ignore Little ProblemsNowadays, people feel the need to be busy because society conditions us to believe that work is more important than anything else. Sometimes, we are so fixated on our work that it becomes very easy to overlook simple plumbing issues. However, ignoring small plumbing problems can lead to bigger issues and cost you even more.

In general, any plumbing issue –be it a clogged toilet or leaky faucet –should be treated as an emergency, that is, if you don’t want it to cause serious damage.

For instance, homeowners do not pay much attention to drippy fixtures and think the issue is not worth their efforts. However, as soon as they see their water bills, they start panicking and calling plumbing services right away. The truth is, while leaky faucets, pipes and other appliances may seem to be a minor problem, they may cause significant damage to your home.

Emergency Savings Fund

Emergency Savings FundThe nature of an emergency is the rise of circumstances over which you have little to no control and which culminates in significant risks to you.

In my opinion, a plumbing emergency may refer to any type of problem that is impacting your plumbing system and triggering a major concern. In such cases, the emergency may involve the risk of water damage or compromise the safety of occupants (as seen with gas leaks).

When water is flowing from your ceiling or you are up to your knees in it, it’s pretty obvious that you are in an emergency situation. Other times, you could have a toilet backing up with raw sewage spilling over onto the floor or a broken sewer pipe that is contaminating the soil or preventing your sewer system from operating safely.

In such cases, it is thus important to have a home emergency savings fund to save you from suffering from a financial calamity. And, even if you have a new house, well, you never know when you’ll have to deal with a broken waterline or clogged drains. So, better be on the safe side and set aside some funds every month.


New Year, Better Plumbing: Simple Plumbing Resolutions
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