How to Unclog Pipes Blocked by Limescale

How to Unclog Pipes Blocked by Limescale

Is your water particularly hard? The accumulation of limestone in the pipes is an inevitable source of several domestic problems. Hence the need to take quick and efficient action. To do this, various solutions are available to end this suffering. Let’s find out how to dissolve limescale blockages in your pipes to regain a functional plumbing system.

The effects and consequences of limescale in the pipes

In most cases, the limestone that clogs pipes comes naturally from the water. Indeed, this ion settles inside the pipes and gradually forms a thick and hard layer. At the same time, the diameter of the pipe decreases and causes the clogging of the pipe. Generally, we start to identify this problem as soon as the water stagnates or the laundry becomes rough. It is also the case when tap water dries your skin, during your bath, for example. Finally, it can be identified through whitish deposits that form on the faucets.

Far from being a health hazard, limescale is harmful to pipes. Indeed, it reduces the efficiency and the pressure of water. This inevitably leads to drainage problems. It also leads to water stagnation and unclogging of pipes. In the long run, limescale can damage the entire plumbing system. Therefore, a good regular maintenance is always recommended.

Natural drain unclogging

You can use some tricks to get rid of limescale easily. Some of them are dangerous and toxic, such as chemicals. On the other hand, you can find less harmful and easy-to-find tips. These include white vinegar, baking soda, lemon, coffee grounds, and Coca-Cola. Based on youtube free videos, all of these have proven to be effective in unclogging drains.

Instead of using chemical products that damage your pipes, you can make natural and ecological products. To do this, mix baking soda with white vinegar and salt. To make the mixture more effective, feel free to wait about fifteen minutes and pour boiling water to remove the whole. You have to pour it into the pipes and adapt the quantity of the products according to the scale to eliminate.

The usefulness of water softeners to eliminate limescale

water softener is an excellent device to preserve sanitary installation against limescale. The primary purpose is to reduce the hardness of the water and promote the interaction of calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. However, you will find a wide choice in the shops. We strongly advise you to seek the advice of a specialist to know which one to choose.

Before installing a softener, it is crucial to know the Hydrotimetric Title of the water. If the value is below 20°F, a water softener is not necessary. In this case, be satisfied with natural tips and regular pipe cleaning. It should also be noted that the device must be recharged regularly. Also, it needs to be cleaned and disinfected to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Experts in drain maintenance

How to Unclog Pipes Blocked by Limescale

Although it is possible to dissolve limestone in the pipes via accessible means, these are only effective when the unblocking is minimal. It is, therefore, better not to waste your time and contact experts who offer professional drain-unclogging services. They even intervene in case of emergency! Only an expert can offer customized solutions to your drain-clogging problem before it is too late. 

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How to Unclog Pipes Blocked by Limescale

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