Biggest Plumbing Myths That You Need to Know

One thing that all myths have in common is that everyone has heard about them but don’t know from where and whether the claims are genuine or not. Today, we will outline certain myths about plumbing that every homeowner should ignore.

#1. Leaking Faucets Are Not Big Deals

If everyone keeps postponing fixing leaky faucets, the world can soon run out of water.

Sometimes overuse of a faucet can indeed cause leaks, but a leaky faucet is not something that should be ignored. Even if it drips one drop per second, it is equal as wasting 180 showers. Besides, it can cause corrosion to plumbing fixtures, increased water bills and cause environmental harm. As a result, it is better to repair leaky faucets sooner rather than later, to save yourself a significant amount of money.

#2. Using Lemons to Clean Garbage Disposals

Chances are your grandparents or parents told you to use lemons to freshen up your garbage disposals. Let me tell you that lemons may give a pleasant and natural scent, but it does not belong there. Lemon peels contain citric acid which can corrode the metal surface of the garbage disposal.

Instead, what you can do is to turn off your disposal and disengage it from the power source and then gently scrub it with lukewarm water and soap. Another method to keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh is to use a homemade combination of baking soda with vinegar.

#3. As Long as the Water Keeps Running, the Drain Is Perfectly Fine

Remember that even if a drain is functioning properly, it doesn’t mean that there is no trouble looming on the horizon. But still, we have a tendency to throw anything into the drains and flush it down with water. However, sometimes a blockage can come as a big surprise. For instance, in kitchen sinks, there are often food particles that are collected in the discharge pipe and many homeowners remain unaware of it.

In order to prevent any problem, make sure that non-perishable items are not thrown into the drains and clean them regularly with good chemical pipe cleaners.

#4. It’s Okay to Flush Items Labelled With Flushable

There is a common tendency among people to believe that they can send flushable wipes or sanitary products in the toilet because they were labelled as “flushable.”

This common myth is creating huge problems for both plumbing pipes and plumbers. How? Wet wipes contain some type of plastic that does not break down compared to toilet paper when flushed. Even if they go down the drain without any problems, they can accumulate in your pipes and cause clogs. For example, in Australia, flushable wipes are now one of the main causes of plumbing blockages.

Moreover, it is noted that flushable wipes are causing considerable damage to Australia’s ecosystem. When these wipes proceed to the ocean, they can be eaten by aquatic animals and as a result these sea animals die.

Therefore, it is essential to remember this golden rule: apart from toilet paper and your own waste, do not flush anything else!

#5. Pets Can Be Flushed

The scene in “Finding Nemo” where Nemo is trapped inside the dentist’s tank and tries to get flushed in the toilet to escape, has encouraged many kids to free their pet fish by flushing them down the toilets. However, as per one water plant operator in California, a flushed fish can’t make it back to the ocean.

Moreover, if you are flushing a pet fish that is not alive, make sure that it is really dead. It is said that many can survive in the sewer, reproduce at an increasing rate and cause significant damage to the natural ecosystem.

#6. Plumbing Jobs Can All Be DIY

The internet may provide us with numerous DIY tips on how to unclog a toilet, replace parts inside a toilet, repair a kitchen faucet, and so on. However, there are some essentials tasks that only a plumber can accomplish.

In addition, sometimes, we can worsen the problems by willing to repair them ourselves. So next time, if you have a plumbing issue, consult an expert of the field first before attempting to fix it yourself.

Have you ever thrown a flushable wipe in the toilet? Or, have you used lemon peels to clean your garbage disposals? Did today’s article clear your misconceptions? Please share your comments!

Biggest Plumbing Myths That You Need to Know
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