Ways to Protect Your Pets From Electrical Hazards

Nowadays, we are becoming a nation of pet lovers. There are even people who own more than one pet. However, if you think that the pets are safe inside the house, then you are wrong. Electrical hazards can not only be fatal to humans but also to pets. Here are some tips to keep your pet safe from electrical hazards around the house.

Keep Cords Away From Your Pets

Electrical cords represent the biggest threats to your pet’s safety. For many pets out there, dangling power cords are just begging to be nibbled on. So, if you don’t want Rex or Missy to be electrocuted, it is better to keep electrical cords away from them as what might seem a mild electric shock to us may be enough to kill a small pet.

We recommend:

  • Simply hide the cords in a cabinet or drawer when not in use
  • For all those electrical appliances that stay plugged in all day, invest in sturdy cord covers.
  • Otherwise, you can also pet-proof these cords by coating them with unpleasant substances such as lemon juice, hot sauce or vinegar.

Invest in the Proper Electrical Equipment

If we want to protect our pets from any potential electrical hazards, it is essential to stop pinching pennies!

Don’t we often, in an attempt to supposedly save money, buy cheap electrical equipment, extension cords and electronic devices? Sometimes, it may be a pain to invest in something as minor as a phone charger cord, but cheaper cords are much more likely to overheat and create sparks. These may not be an issue for you, but they could easily pose a threat to your pets. Therefore, it is better to purchase safer electrical equipment even if they are more expensive.

Don’t Leave Your Electrical Appliances Unattended

Suppose you tend to forget to switch off electrical equipment like fans, heaters and free-standing lamps and left your pets unattended and free to play with these items. What’s the worst scenario that can occur? A house fire!

Yes, these appliances represent potential hazards to your animals, leading to burns, shocks and even fires. For instance, if you are a cat owner, you would probably know how much cats love warm places and thus electronic appliances like hair straighteners, computers and many more should be kept away from felines.

So, now make sure that you unplug unnecessary electronics when you are not in the house or when you are not using them.

Establish an Electricity-Free Area

When you are at home, it is easy to supervise your pet and prevent any electrical accidents from occurring. But what if you need to go out for some time and must leave your pet alone? You cannot always put it in a cage. The only solution is to create an electricity-free zone in your house. It can be an entire room which is free from any power outlets and cords and where you can let your pet roam freely and safely without any worry.

Train Your Pets

An efficient method to keep your pets away from electrical hazards is to provide them with a proper training. If you teach them that in the house, some areas with power cords and outlets are off-limits and that they should stay away from these areas, they are less likely going to wander in those areas. However, the most important thing here is that depending on your pet, you should know how to train it as different pets required different training methods.

Below you will find some tips:

  • For cats, you can either apply bitter solutions like lemon juice on the area or you can throw water on the cat whenever it approaches areas that you want to keep them away from.
  • Compared to cats, dog responds better to positive stimuli. For example, offering them treats when they are moving away from specific areas.
  • It is recommended to use loud noises such as thumps for smaller animals like rabbits.

Will you use the above measures to protect your pet? Please share your comments!

Ways to Protect Your Pets From Electrical Hazards
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