Should Plumbers Clean Up After Themselves?

For a moment, let’s imagine what would happen if all plumbing services disappeared. Let’s imagine what might happen if there’s nobody to help you with your plumbing pipes and toilets anymore.

Day 1. Your boiler suddenly fails and you have no idea why. You have no hot water supply and you start heating water in pots to take a bath.

Day 15. It’s coming cold. Without a boiler, your heating system can’t launch, the radiators are then filled, making them totally useless. You will then start warming the house with a self-made potbelly stove.

Day 30: Your main drain line is blocked –the wastewater isn’t going anywhere now. You have no other choice but to pour it outside, in your yard.

Day 60: By now, your yard has turned into a swamp. It attracts hordes of insects and sometimes, it feels like you can hear alligators roaring outside.

Day 85: You have dug up a cesspool, just like your grandparents did. But, there is still nobody to pump it up when it’s full. The thought of diving there yourself scares you to death.

Day 120: Your back hurts after carrying gallons of water from the lake and chances are, by now, someone must have stolen your stove. So, to sum it up, you are cold and starving. Welcome back to the medieval age!

You see, without plumbing services, it can take us around half a year to go back to the dark times. Just kidding!

However, plumbing services are indeed one of the essential responsibilities for homeowners; they enable us to use safely one of the most important resources: water. Since having access to water is a must, everyone must ensure they only receive the purest form of water. Therefore, a plumbing system becomes a necessity and plumbers are the only ones who can provide fast plumbing solutions for all of your emergency plumbing needs.

But, if there’s one thing that people complain about plumbers is the dirty mess they tend to leave behind them.

The Mess

The MessHousehold plumbing is not particularly rocket science; anyone with mechanical ability and patience can successfully do anything to unclog a toilet or repair a pipe in the house. However, the job is physically demanding and can often be messy and dirty –this is the reason why most people would opt for hiring plumbers instead of fixing their own plumbing.

Many people think that clogged pipes or drains occurred when a small bunch of hair or a wipe goes down the drain. While that’s certainly true, sometimes clogs happen because of the presence of an excessive amount of sticky, greasy or fatty substances sticking to the walls of these pipes or drains. Now, imagine having to clean these clogged pipes. It’s obvious that you will have to collect the bits of food, trash or sticky substances that previously clogged your plumbing pipes.

But, what happens when you hire a plumber? After unclogging the pipes, will he clean the mess or will he leave you to do it?

Professional Plumbers

I can’t tell you if cleaning up is included in the line of roles and responsibilities of a plumber, but when you hire an expert –a licensed plumber with years of experience and knowledge – you won’t have to clean up after them.

Plumbers who have acquired experiences via comprehensive practice and hands-on training understand the importance of providing an outstanding customer service and will thus try their best not to leave any mess behind.

What if the Plumber I Hired Didn’t Clean Up?

What if the Plumber I Hired Didn’t Clean Up?Personally, I’ve known people who’ve complained to the company. But, otherwise, next time, before you hire a plumber, I would suggest you to review the company.






Should Plumbers Clean Up After Themselves?
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