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The electric water heater is the most widespread system for producing domestic hot water. This can be explained by the fact that it is easy to install and accessible to all budgets. There are also several models of electric water heaters. In addition, the tanks are available in small volume, which makes it easy to find a place for them. However, it is recommended that you ask yourself specific questions before installing an electric water heater. Where to install it? How to make the connection? Find out the answers to these questions in this article.

Where To Install the Water Heater?

The location of your water heater deserves careful consideration. Although it takes up very little space, an electric water heater cannot be installed in just any room in the house; there are specific rules to follow. It must be well thought out to facilitate the device’s connection to the electricity network and the water supply. Indeed, it will be much more convenient if the device is connected near the bathroom. However, a minimum distance of 60 cm is required between the water heater and the taps. The choice of location also depends on the volume of the water tank.

In addition, the electrical installations in your home must comply with the NF C 15-100 standard. This applies to all electrical systems in residential premises. This rule is known by all professionals working in the electrical field. To prove that your installation is compliant, you must obtain validation from CONSUEL, an organization responsible for evaluating electrical installations.

How To Choose the Right Model of Electric Water Heater?

There are two types of electric water heaters: the instantaneous water heater and the electric water heater. The first one heats domestic hot water and produces it only on demand.

On the other hand, the electric water heater, equipped with electric resistance, heats the entire quantity of water in the tank. The heating cycle is launched automatically as soon as the tank is filled.

There are models with armored resistance in the electric water heater family and those with soapstone resistance. The latter is more ecological and more widespread since the resistance is covered with an enameled steel sheath that protects it against corrosion and prevents the formation of limestone and scaling of the resistance, as with the cumulus with armored resistance.

There are also electric water heaters in small quantities and flat models. The capacity of the tanks can vary between 10 L and 100 L. If you are numerous (more than 4 people), you should turn to horizontal or vertical models.

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How to Properly Install a Water Heater?

To ensure a job well done and in compliance with the standards, entrust the installation of a water heater (whatever the model and capacity of the tank) to a professional. For the safety of the house’s occupants and to avoid accidents, the tank must be properly secured. To choose the fixing technique, the weight of the loaded tank must be calculated. If the walls can not support it, it is essential to use tripods. After installation, the next step is to make the hydraulic and electrical connection. This is also a complex job that requires a lot of expertise.

Installation of Electric Water Heaters: The Right Steps To Take

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