Do you want to replace your old water heater? The installation of a water heater is not for everyone. You should not entrust this task to just any person. Otherwise, your appliance may not be properly installed, and this can have unpleasant consequences. So, who to call to install your water heater?

What You Need to Know About Water Heater Installation
Installing a water heater is a complex operation that involves risks. These risks are not only for the person who installs it but also for the users. Indeed, a poorly installed water heater can cause you discomfort, and the same is true for your home.

The installation of a water heater requires technical skills that you can only get from professionals. For instance, installing a water heater requires substantial plumbing and piping skills and practical technical knowledge of electricity.

Mastering the skills needed to install a water heater leads to better options from the expert. Indeed, hiring a professional to install your water heater gives you two essential benefits.

First, you are guaranteed a job well done if you hire a professional to install your water heater. You are also likely to benefit from assistance schemes.

Two Trades You Can Call Upon to Install Your Water Heater

There are two bodies of craftsmen who are skilled at successfully installing a water heater. You have plumbers and heating engineers, and these two craftsmen have the necessary skills to handle the installation of your water heater. Because of this, many people are sometimes confused, and you will sometimes hear them referred to as plumber-heater.

The Plumber: The First Body of Craftsmen Able to Install a Water Heater

The plumber is the first professional that comes to mind when it comes to pipe or ductwork. This work is involved in the installation of a water heater and even different types of boilers. So, you can hire a plumber to install your water heater.

If you choose a plumber, you can approach a plumbing company, and the latter can provide you with a competent and experienced plumber.

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Water Heater System

The Heating Engineer: A Trade-Related to the Plumber Who Can Perfectly Install a Water Heater

The heating engineer is often considered a neighboring trade to the plumber. Indeed, these two professionals have almost the same skills, and they generally intervene in the same fields.

However, the heating engineer specializes in the thermal installation, such as renewable energy heating. He also intervenes in repair works, and he is therefore also well placed to take care of your water heater installation.

Criteria to Consider When Choosing the Best Professional to Install Your Water Heater
Are you having trouble choosing the right professional to install your water heater correctly? Some criteria can help you get the right professional.

First, you need to see the experience of the professional who will handle your water heater installation. If it is a company, you can check its seniority. In other cases, you can rely on customer reviews to get an idea of the efficiency of this professional.

Next, you need to check the professional qualifications of the person who will be installing your water heater. You should mainly make sure that he is a qualified craftsman recognized as a guarantor of the Environment. This can allow you to benefit from financial advantages on the work.

To install your water heater, you can call on a plumber or a heating engineer, and you can also approach a plumber-heater who combines the skills of these two trades.

Who to Call For the Installation of a Water Heater?

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