How Much Does a Locksmith Charge in France?

For many reasons, you can use the services of a locksmith: door armoring, opening or replacement of locks, choice of security system for your building, etc. But, how much can his intervention cost? The answer is below.

The Price of a Locksmith for a Lock Change

To change a lock, the locksmith can charge you around 25 and 250 €. This is broken down as follows:

The travel expenses will cost between 30 and 130 € for intervention on a working day.

If it is an emergency or an intervention during weekends and holidays, it is between 130 and 220 €. Don’t forget to add the cost of creating a duplicate key. For a single key, you should expect to pay between 4 and 10 €. If you prefer to use a special key, you should expect between 15 and 60 €.

In the case of a lock repair, it will cost you between 35 and 85 €, without forgetting the cost of cylinder repair: around 15 to 120 € per piece.

For installing new locks, the average cost is between 35 and 85 €.

We must not forget the cost of labor, which varies between 20 and 25 €.

The Price of the Locksmith in an Emergency Situation

What is an emergency situation? It can be the immediate copying of keys, repair of window locks, keys, or gate locks. Lock picking and security system repair are also part of an emergency intervention. For this type of operation, count between 40 and 500 €. In metropolitan areas, this rate may increase.

The Hourly Rate of the Locksmith

The billing method of the locksmith can also be by the hour. It is different depending on the type and location of the intervention. It is also likely to evolve according to the day of realization of work: public holidays, weekends, or night. On average, the hourly rate of the locksmith varies between 50 and 60 €. It can go up to 100 € depending on the circumstances.

The VAT Rate Applied by the Locksmith

In addition to the costs mentioned above, you will also have to pay a 20% VAT when you call a locksmith. However, if you contact a self-employed locksmith, you do not have to pay this tax.

If you use the services of a locksmith for renovation work, you can benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 5.5%. This is provided that your building is at least two years old. In the case of maintenance or development work, an intermediate rate of 10% is applied. However, to qualify for this reduction, you must provide the locksmith with a certificate of completion of the work.

This professional can also charge you for his intervention depending on the type of work to be done. To open an armored door, expect to pay between 100 and 160 € on average. If it is a question of repairing locksmith work, it costs between 80 and 100 €. As for the installation of a door stop, it varies between 30 and 50 €.

To have a global vision of the different services offered and the actual cost of the work, the best is to ask for one or several estimates.

How Much Does a Locksmith Charge in France?

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