What is the Rate of the Electrician?

The electrician is a craftsman who can intervene in renovation. His missions can vary from one customer to another. But, what is the rate he applies? The answer to this question below.

The Hourly Rate of the Electrician

An electrician can charge for work based on the time required to complete it. On average, this varies between 35 and 60 € if it is a qualified craftsman. If it is an electrician without a diploma, it is necessary to count between 20 and 35 € per hour.

This hourly rate of the electrician is likely to vary according to the place of intervention. If you are located outside the Paris area, for example, it varies between 35 and 50 € per hour. On the other hand, if you live in the Paris area, the electrician’s hourly rate can go up to 90 €.

The Price of the Electrician According to the Type of Intervention

The price charged by the electrician can also depend on the type of operation to be performed. For installing a wall socket or a switch, count around 70 €. If it is a question of installing or replacing an electrical panel, it is necessary to foresee on average 800 €. In the case of the installation of a differential circuit breaker, the electrician’s fee can be as high as 250 €.

The electrician may also have to install a radiator, an antenna, or an electric heater. These cost €200, €250 and €100 respectively. As for an electrical diagnosis, its price is on average 100 €.

The Electrician’s Price per Linear or per Square Meter

In some cases, the price of the electrician’s intervention is determined by the square meter or linear. For an electrical renovation, for example, it costs between 75 and 110 € per square meter. If it is a new electrical installation, you should plan on average 100 € per m². As for the installation of sheathed electrical wiring, the cost per linear is around 90 €. As for the installation of the electric heating network, its price varies around 70 € per m².

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The VAT Rate Applied by the Electrician

If your building is at least two years old, the electrician must apply a VAT rate of 20%. On the other hand, if your home is quite old, the VAT rate applied is 10%. The same rate is applied if the work carried out is aimed at reducing the energy consumption of your building. This VAT reduction is valid for both the purchase of supplies and labor.

Do not forget to add the travel expenses to the electrician’s rate. If you call on his services during working days, expect to pay an additional €20 to €40. On the other hand, if he comes for an emergency, in the evening, on the weekend or on holiday, it can go from 70 to 100 €.

All you have to do is choose the right electrician to carry out the electrical work.

What is the Rate of the Electrician?

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