How to Change a Washing Machine Belt

How to Change a Washing Machine Belt


    – Step 1: Choose the right washing machine belt

    – Step 2: Disassemble the back panel and remove the belt

    – Step 3: Install the new belt on your washing machine

    – Step 4: Put your washing machine back into service

Is your washing machine no longer working? Don’t panic! It’s probably the belt that has just failed. This is the part that allows the drum to rotate. Even if you are not a handyman, you can change it and put on a new one. Here’s a step-by-step guide to repairing a washing machine belt.

Materials needed to change a washing machine belt

Phillips screwdriver

1. Choose the right washing machine belt

Washing machine belts are not universal. Each model, or family of models, has its own characteristics.

    – Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions: all the information is given there.

    – If you have lost the manual, please visit the website of the washing machine manufacturer: you will find the documentation concerning its product ranges available there.

    – Finally, you should know that every belt has a specific reference.

For example, 1197 J5MAEL:

    – this corresponds to a belt with a length of 1197 mm;

    – J refers to the width between two teeth of the belt, i.e., 2.34 mm (we could also have H, the height, i.e., 1.56 mm);

    – 5 indicates the number of tooth vertices on the belt;

    – MAEL, MA, EL, or EPH means the belt is elastic.

2. Disassemble the back panel and remove the belt

How to Change a Washing Machine Belt

Before doing anything, make sure your washing machine is unplugged from the power outlet. Then make sure you have access to the back of your machine.

Remove the back panel

Remove the screws that hold the panel in place using a simple Phillips screwdriver.

Then place the panel in a safe place where it won’t be accidentally knocked off its shape during removal.

Remove the belt

You now have in front of you:

    – the drum pulley – this is the pulley that allows the drum to rotate;

    – the motor pulley – smaller, located at the bottom- drives the belt.

Remove the defective belt: as it is broken or distended, it comes easily.

3. Install the new belt on your washing machine

How to Change a Washing Machine Belt

Once the old belt is removed, put the new one in place.

    – Place it around the motor pulley, notched side in, on the grooves provided.

    – Then, with the notched side in, place the other end of the belt on top of the drum pulley.

    – Then rotate the drum pulley by hand so the washing machine belt fits properly.

    – If necessary, move the belt slightly so that the teeth fit perfectly into the grooves.

Good to know: At this point, the new belt may seem too short; in reality, it needs to be stretched to its fullest to fit correctly.

4. Put your washer back into service

Screw the back panel back on your washer, plug it in, and run a short program to test the repair.

    – If the drum jumps or makes noises that it didn’t before, especially when spinning, the belt is not properly adjusted between the two pulleys.

    – In this case, disassemble the back panel of the washing machine again to put the belt back in place correctly.

Caution: Even for a simple test, it is not recommended to run a washing machine without first reassembling the back panel.

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How to Change a Washing Machine Belt

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