Why Does My Water Smell and Taste Funny?

So, it’s been a long and tiring day at work. When you get home, you take a fresh glass of water to recharge. But, when you fill a glass from the tap, it smells weird. Instead of gulping down the funny-smelling water, why don’t you get to the root of the problem?

Water Smells Metallic

Water Smells MetallicIf you notice a bitter or metallic smell or taste in your tap water, it means there is a high concentration of dissolved minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, lead and manganese present in your water. These minerals can come from different sources like the surrounding soil or corroded plumbing fixtures and then leach onto the water. While the minerals themselves do not represent a danger to human health, the metallic odor and taste can be very unpleasant. At times, these smells and tastes can prove to be helpful as they might indicate a problem within the plumbing system or water supply that requires a thorough investigation.

In general, the levels of minerals in the water can vary depending on several factors like water source, location and the condition of the plumbing system. For instance, unlike surface water, groundwater is more likely to taste or smell metallic because it moves through rocks and sediments before making its way to the water supply. To make water safe, suppliers may add certain chemicals to it and these chemicals include aluminum sulfate, fluorosilicic acid, liquefied chlorine, calcium hydroxide and sodium silicofluoride. Sometimes, contaminants like nitrate, pesticides, hormones and metal salts may also be added to the water. Since tap water will always contain some chemicals, the water you’ll drink will –at times – smell or taste metallic.

However, these metallic smells can also be related to old and rusty pipes. If your water has a rusty appearance, leaves a reddish-brown stain behind and tastes or smells metallic, corroded plumbing pipes are likely the cause. If your house’s plumbing system dates back to the Victorian era, for example, there’s a high possibility that the old and corroded ducts are leaking metal deposits into the water system. Corroded water pipes are very common in North American cities, where high concentrations of iron are often found in water systems.

If the metallic taste or smell comes from only one tap, then you might want to change the tap. However, if the weird smell and taste come from more than one tap in the house, then it is worth calling an expert.

Water Smells Musty or Moldy

Water Smells Musty or MoldyIt is not unheard of that city people sometimes find their tap water has a moldy or musty smell. The most common causes for musty-smelling water are environmental factors such as algae bloom or decaying organic matter. Algae bloom happens when algae grow in huge quantities in a city’s water supply source. While the algae will be filtered out of the water during the treatment process, the musty smell of algae will be left behind in the water. Another common source of moldy-smelling water is when decaying organic matter finds its way into water supplies and generates an earthly odor.

A musty smell can also stem from eroding plumbing pipes. Erosion in pipes may introduce trace amounts of copper, iron and even lead into your water supply, affecting its smell and taste.

Rest assured, as none of the above is deemed harmful and dangerous to human health. However, if the musty odor takes on a more pungent or rotten-eggs-like smell, it could indicate a more serious cause, i.e., high levels of sulfur in the water. If you find yourself in such a scenario, we recommend you seek immediate help from a professional.

Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Water Smells Like Rotten EggsWater that smells like a sulfur, sewer or rotten eggs is simply unbearable and this infamous smell comes from a gas called hydrogen sulfide. When an organic matter like plants decay, this gas is produced and occurs naturally in water supplies. However, as we’ve previously discussed, this infamous rotten egg smell can also occur in a newly built house. If you want to learn more about how to fix this issue and get rid of this horrible smell, click here!





Why Does My Water Smell and Taste Funny?
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