Easy Steps to Install a Mono split Air Conditioner (Part 2)

This post is a continuation from part 1 where we recently talk about:

What is a mono split air conditioning unit?

1. Determine the location of the indoor unit

2. Attach the wall bracket

We will now continue with the remaining steps. And, by the end of this post, you will be able to install your mono split air conditioning unit by yourself.

Step 3: Drill the passage for the tubes

Trace the drilling axis on the side of the board, as shown in the installation manual.

Start by making a 6 or 8 mm Ø through-hole using a long concrete drill.

It is essential to drill at a gentle angle of about 5° to ensure the tubes’ correct curvature.

Resume drilling with the drill bit while keeping the initial inclination.

Tip: To avoid splintering the facade cladding when drilling out, stop a little before and finish drilling on the other side by guiding yourself over the pilot hole.

Step 4: Prepare the connections and hang the unit

Combine the two pre-charged refrigerant tubes, the drain hose and the electrical cable supplied with the kit.

Insert the assembly into the hole and slide it gently so as not to damage the protective sheaths.

Hook the indoor unit onto its stand. To work more easily, lift the unit a little and hold it up with a screwdriver.

Tip: To make the operation easier, attach the tubes and cable with pieces of tape every 50 to 60 cm.

Step 5: Connect the cooling tubes to the cooling lines

Connect the two refrigerant tubes, using the supplied adapters, to the indoor unit’s flow and return.

First, screw the connections by hand, then tighten them securely with two wrenches or flat wrenches of the appropriate size.

Good to know: If the connections do not tighten properly, don’t use force. You will distort the threads! The problem is a misalignment of the copper tubes, which can be corrected.

Contact a professional to obtain a personalized estimate.

Step 6: Connect the electrical link

Open the front of the unit and remove the cover of the electrical box.

Pass the cable through the hole provided and clamp the three wires’ stripped ends into the corresponding terminals.

Carefully follow the instructions in your installation manual.

Step 7: Install the outdoor unit

Depending on the available location, have the outdoor unit rest on its base or specific support (at an angle) solidly anchored to the facade wall.

In both cases, the unit must be perfectly stabilized and isolated from its support surface by anti-vibration mounts.

After determining the location, attach a PVC duct to the wall to protect the tubes and the cable.

Tip: The outdoor unit should be set several centimetres away from the facade to avoid transmitting vibrations to the building.

Step 8: Complete the connections

Remove the protective cover of the refrigerant connections and that of the electrical box.

Now, assemble the copper tubes to the refrigerant inlet and outlet connections of the outdoor unit.

Then connect the electrical cable and replace the two covers.

Caution: Check the electrical panel to ensure that the circuit breaker protecting the circuit is disabled before connecting your air conditioner. Again, follow the instructions carefully.

Step 9: Perform the commissioning

Before turning on your air conditioner, raise the front of the indoor unit and remove the filters.

Then, slowly pour half a litre of water into the condensate pan to check that the drain hose is draining correctly.

Immediately go to the outdoor unit and make sure that the water drains completely.

Final, step 10: Fill the refrigeration circuit

As the outdoor unit is preloaded, the operation is straightforward.

Unscrew the intervention plugs of the two 3-way valves isolating the unit.

Using an Allen key, open the valves and let the fluid fill the circuit.

You can then check the tightness of the connections with the detection canister.

Once you have done so, wrap the connections with self-adhesive insulation tape (often provided).

All you have to do now is replace the plugs and covers and start the air conditioning!

Easy Steps to Install a Mono split Air Conditioner (Part 2)

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