Warning Signs That Show It’s Time to Call an Emergency Electrician

Most homeowners don’t realise that some electrical faults in their home could threaten their safety. If you want to keep yourself and your family safe, read on to find the top signs that indicate that you need to call an emergency electrician.

#1. Flickering and Dimming Lights When Using Appliances

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Suppose you have just turned on your vacuum cleaner and the lights start to dim or flicker. If this isn’t the first time your lights are flickering or waning when you turn on multiple outlets, then this might mean that there is an issue with your home’s electrical system. It is an indication that either your home’s wiring system is old and need to be replaced or that your circuit is overloaded.

So, if you don’t want to lose power or put your home at risk for an electrical fire, it is best to call the emergency electricians of Peninsula Heating Cooling & Electrical P / L.

#2. Your Circuit Breaker Trips From Time to Time

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A circuit breaker is considered as the brain of any electrical system and its primary role is to monitor the circuit. In case it detects an overload, it is shut off immediately, thus preventing any surge or any further complication that can damage the electrical system of your house.

As the breaker can usually trip when there are many high voltage appliances in use simultaneously, it is highly recommended to unplug a few appliances. However, if the problem still persists, then the problem lies within your home’s electrical system and only an expert can resolve this issue.

#3. Sparks

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A tiny blue spark – you may have seen it several times when you have plugged in an appliance. These sparks are often normal and harmless. However, if you have an overloaded outlet or faulty wiring system, outlets will tend to spark abnormally, such as:

  • Very big and easily noticeable sparks that leap out of the plugs
  • These sparks will be lengthy and last more than a second
  • They will be white or yellow coloured instead of the usual blue one

If you see these sparks anywhere in your house, you need to call an emergency electrician as remember that it is very easy for a spark to transform into a full-blow electrical fire.

#4. Buzzing or Humming Sounds Inside the Wall

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The chances that bees are behind the buzzing sounds that are coming from inside your walls are very slim. It is most probably an electrical problem. The hums or buzzes might come from loose screws in the terminals or it is an indication of a more serious problem, such as a wiring issue.

#5. Power Outlets Have Come Into Contact With Water

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Everyone knows that water and electricity should never come into contact with each other as when they do, electrocution occurs. But, sometimes, such situations do occur. For instance, a flood in the house or a leaky roof is unavoidable and unexpected situations. And, in such cases, if you want to keep yourself and everyone in your home safe, it is important not to touch the water and not to use any electrical appliances (including the lights also).

#6. There Are Rodents and Pests

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What if Jerry, Speedy Gonzales or Remi the rat were running around in your house? Well, they represent threats to your home’s electrical system as they might be nibbling on the wires. In this case, you will need to call pest control and an electrician who can check if there has been any damage to the wiring or insulation.

#7. You See Brown or Black Marks Around Your Outlets

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Did you know that a blackened outlet is an indication of a very hot and maybe overloaded outlet? When excessive heat leads to burnt wiring, your house is at risk of an electrical fire.

If you are experiencing any of these electrical faults in your home, contact Peninsula Heating Cooling & Electrical P / L to get an emergency electrician who can assess and solve your electrical problems.

Warning Signs That Show It’s Time to Call an Emergency Electrician
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    I find it fascinating how you could use electricians to fix faulty house wiring and flickering lights. My friend moved into a new apartment and noticed these issues while using his laptop for work. I should tell him about these experts so he can consult them for help if the problem persists.


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