How to Effectively Clean HVAC Air Ducts

A clean HVAC air duct ensures less dust and cleaner air to breathe. This is especially important for people with allergies. So what are the steps in cleaning HVAC air ducts? Follow the guide below.

Cover Up

Start by covering up your openings that supply heated air to the rooms with paper towels. This will prevent dust from spurting out while you work on the air ducts.

Turn on Fan and Check Filter

You would want to turn on the fan so that the dust is not accumulated and can easily flow their way out. Make sure your filters are new as well so that they can hold dust effectively.

Brush and Clean

Use a brush and begin tapping on any accessible ductwork. This will break any deposits of dust that may have been stuck. You may sweep the dust out from the supply registers and return air registers as well. Once you’ve completed dusting and sweeping off as much dust as possible, you can turn the fan off.

Blower Compartment and Return Air Boot

Use your vacuum to remove dust accumulation in the blower compartment and return air boot. This is where most of the dust is usually present. You may use this opportunity to clean your furnace fans as well. Once this is over, you may turn on your HVAC unit and see the difference!

How to Effectively Clean HVAC Air Ducts

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