Four simple DIY when your AC is not working

It is the peak of summer, your AC is not working! You start sweating and frustration starts getting on you. What to do? Do not lose your cool. Proceed calmly by checking a few things before calling a technician. It may be a simple fix!

Make sure the AC unit is receiving power

At times a high power discharge may occur from your electric network provider when they are doing some maintenance job. You should check the electrical panel to see if a circuit breaker has tripped and you just need to reset it. How? The switch on the breaker would have been set “Off” automatically. So, you just have to switch the button “On”. However, if the problem persists, it may be a wrong electrical installation in which case you will need to call the AC service guy.

Check the thermostat

If you have a central AC unit, check the thermostat. The thermostat used in houses usually works on batteries and it could be a simple thing like dead batteries. Replace them and set the thermostat to “Cool”. Set the temperature a few degrees down and see if the AC kicks on. It could also be that you left the thermostat to “Heat”. Change that to “Cool”. Yeah, that’s how simple it can be!

Check the outdoor condenser

Your AC may be running but it is not blowing out enough cool air. Sometimes the condenser has accumulated dirt or may be blocked by pollen, weeds, grass or any other obstruction. It is recommended to keep the surroundings clear for optimum airflow. So, you just need to clear around for a minimum of 3 feet. It may also be that the condenser has not been serviced or used for a long time. You can use SuperClean which is a heavy duty condenser cleaner or any other solution with a powerful foaming action. Let the AC run a few hours and see if there is any amelioration.

Clean or replace the filter

The air filter should be regularly cleaned or replaced because a clogged filter prevents the flow of cool air. Locating your AC Filter is an easy job. Check this interesting post on The Importance of Changing the AC Filter and Locating your AC Filter. It is usually found at the front of your AC after unscrewing and removing the cover.

If it still doesn’t work, ask for professional help from a qualified technician!

Four simple DIY when your AC is not working
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