Installing a Spa at Home

The installation of a spa at home is more and more common and makes most of us dream about it. The wide variety of offers can nevertheless make your choice more difficult.

The steps of your project

1. Design your spa installation project

The spa is designed to be outdoors, but more and more people are turning to the indoor spa, which offers other advantages, but requires proper ventilation, space and ground resistance.

2. Choose the type of spa

Built-in, portable, inflatable, swimming spa… There are different types of spa to suit different needs. Some will be easier to install, others may serve as a swimming pool, and some are not difficult to disassemble when you are moving.

3. Choose the spa material

Wood, concrete, stone, mosaic, synthetic, manufacturers offer different materials for the spa tank. You would like to take into account your budget, tastes and, above all, to adapt it to the design of your home. Compare the characteristics of each of these spa materials to choose the one that best suits you.

4. Choose spa equipment

In addition to the many comfort accessories, filtration, heating and spa shelter are essential equipment for proper operation.

5. Buy a spa

Between simple kit models and luxury spas, spa prices are extremely variable. When buying your spa, again, you have the choice between a specialized supplier and a spa salon, which brings together all the manufacturers and makes it easy to compare them.

6. Organize the installation work of a spa

Before you start installing a spa, it is essential to choose its location carefully and take a few precautions. You can install a kit spa on your own, but hiring a professional guarantees proper implementation.

If you decide to install it yourself, first and foremost, choose the location of your spa carefully:

  • inside your home: special room, veranda, basement;
  • outside: terrace, garden…

Installation requires:

  • a flat, raised surface (unless you can dig for an underground or semi-underground spa): a cement slab is often recommended;
  • a nearby power supply;
  • a nearby water supply.
  • most standard spas are sold in kit form to facilitate installation by individuals.
  • a nearby power supply;
  • a nearby water supply.

Most standard spas are sold in kit form to facilitate installation by individuals.

Hope the above helps you determine your type of spa. Remember to share your views in the comment section below!

Installing a Spa at Home

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