Tips for Installing an Overflow Spa

Before you start installing an overflow spa, it is essential to choose its future location and take a few precautions.

Here are a few tips.

Choice of location

It is essential that the indoor room or outdoor area where the spa will be placed:

– has dimensions (height, width, length) adapted to the size of the pool. It is therefore recommended to select a location that is at least three times larger than the spa to facilitate travel and possible interventions;

– has a water drain on the floor to drain any water splashes outside the spa;

– has a water evacuation system connected to the wastewater flow on the slab on which the spa will be installed;

– has a pit where a water pump with a float level sensor will be installed in case the drainage system is not directly at the slab level.

Note: If the spa is indoors, the room must be equipped with a ventilation and dehumidification system. Indeed, the humidity level must not exceed 60 to 70%.

Technical aspects of installing an overflow spa

The installation of an overflow spa requires the creation of a functional room to accommodate the various maintenance and operating equipment of the spa. This room can be located:

– under the floor;

– on the floor: the pool will then be raised;

– in an adjacent room nearby.

The ideal for an overflow spa is:

On board the ship, Marina

– a basin built at floor level, therefore embedded in the ground;

– another room under the spa. The room must be equipped with a buffer tank, a pit and all the equipment of the technical room;

– to consider installing a water evacuation system in the event of a spa malfunction;

– the ventilation of the functional room, which is also essential.

Note: Before you start installing any spa, regardless of the model, have the floor resistance checked by a professional.

Easy access to the various equipment (pumps, pipes, jets, etc.) must be provided to facilitate the maintenance of the overflow spa or to compensate for any breakdowns. For example, a trapdoor of sufficient size for a manway is essential.

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Tips for Installing an Overflow Spa

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