Description of the Bar Fridge

This type of refrigerator, known as the “hotel range”, is distinguished by its interior design.

The doors are often blank, but when there are shelves, they are designed to store what are called mignonettes (mini bottles of alcohol sold by hoteliers).

In the doors of the refrigerator-bar, it is often difficult to dispose of the normal size bottles. As a result, the storage space is not designed to hold fresh produce for personal use.

Some Standard Criteria of the Bar Fridge:

– Capacity: between 20 and 60 l

– Height: 50 to 60 cm

– Depth: 42 to 52 cm

– Weight: between 14 and 46 kg

In spite of their small size and particular use, bar refrigerators are nevertheless very practical and often have multiple functions:

– a light;

– a lock;

– an opening control light;

– automatic defrost;

– an economical electronic control system.

Advantages of the Bar Fridge:

– It is smaller than a traditional refrigerator.

– It is easier to house.

– It can be a good solution for a small, discreet cool corner in an office, shop or other premises.

Disadvantages of the Bar Fridge:

– Its storage space does not make it an everyday appliance.

– Its energy consumption is only slightly lower than a top refrigerator while its size is much smaller.

Price of the Bar Fridge:

Below you will find a price range for the bar fridge combination.

Models Entry-level High-end
Bar fridge $ 200 $1 300
Factors to Consider Before Buying a Bar Fridge

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