The door seal of an oven door is an essential element for tight sealing. By allowing the oven door to close hermetically, it ensures good cooking of food as well as energy savings when compared to a poorly insulated oven that is slow to heat up. A faulty oven door seal must be replaced quickly so that the oven can function optimally again. Changing an oven door seal is easy and requires no tools.

1. Unplug and Prepare the Oven

Case 1: Electric Oven With Recessed or Wall-Mounted Supply Line

– Switch off the power supply to the oven by lowering the corresponding fuse directly on the electrical panel.

– Or remove it from its housing and unplug the wall socket if it is located at the rear of the oven.

Case 2: Gas Oven

– Turn off the gas supply directly at the cylinder or cut off the gas supply. Remove the defective gasket.

– Open the oven door.

– Locate the arrangement of the gasket to be replaced.

– Carefully remove it.

To do this, pull it out of its housing.

Install the New Gasket

It is advisable to replace the defective seal with an equivalent model.

Good to know: several spare parts sales sites on the Internet also allow you to check, depending on the model of your oven, the compatibility of the new part.

– On the new gasket, identify the marker that allows you to position it in the right direction.

– Carefully insert all the pawls into the frame.

– Check that the new gasket is correctly positioned.

– Close the door and reconnect the oven.

Hope that these easy steps help you out. Remember to leave your comments in the section below.

How to Change an Oven Gasket

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