What type of cooling system will fit your needs?

Florida, Louisiana, and Texas are the hottest states during summer.
Having a useful air-con system is a must to keeping you cool and comfy. Are you actually looking for a cooling system, but are unable to make your choice because of so many varieties.

The type of air-con unit that will work best for your needs depends on a range of things, like the age and size of your home. Let’s take a fast analysis of some variations between air conditioners.

1. Window cooling system
This type of cooling system contains everything in one enclosure – compressor, condenser, evaporator and the blower. A window unit isn’t designed to cool down the whole of a home; it can cool one or 2 rooms at most.

Older homes have window air conditioners. Owners do not need to spend huge sums on the installation of ductwork. They spend less money installing a window unit in every room. Smaller homes may get by with few window units and fans to assist in the flow of air into the house.

2. Central air-con
Central air-con system is also known as a split system. It has an outside unit, referred to as the condenser. Also, it has an inside unit, consisting of an evaporator and blower. And, the cool air circulates through ductwork shared with a furnace.

Most new homes have central air-con. You’ll save on your electricity bill by running a central air-con unit. It has the advantage of regulating the temperature in all the areas of the house.

3. Ductless mini-split cooling system
In a ductless mini-split system, a condenser operates outside, a bit like a central air system. Each room has its own evaporator/blower unit. Each room connects with the condenser outside via its own refrigerant line. It also allows you to manage the temperatures in each of your rooms.

4. Portable cooling system
This kind of cooling system is comparable to a window unit. But it is not mounted onto a wall. It rather sits on the ground and is then ventilated through a window – or through a hole in the wall, if there is no window.

A portable air conditioner works well in a small room. One drawback is that it is noisy because the evaporator fan keeps running. Another disadvantage is that it will take up some space on the ground if you are considering a small room.


Factors to consider when selecting a cooling system:

Is there ductwork?
If there’s no ductwork installed in the home, central air conditioning won’t be functional. A mini-split window or portable cooling system will be your best choice.

What size is your home?
If you live in a small home, a few window units will be enough. And, if you have a large home, several units will be necessary. But, all this isn’t cheap. In such a situation, a mini-split system is a better option.

Are window units practical?
In some situation, you may not be able to install window units. In such cases, a portable cooling system is going to be your best bet.

Chances are you will be able to find the most cost-effective air cooling solution for your home. You can still consult with an HVAC professional today to analyze your options.

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What type of cooling system will fit your needs?

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