Why Is the Maintenance of the Air Conditioning Unit Essential for Your Home?

A large number of households are fitted with air conditioners to guarantee comfort in all seasons. The maintenance of the air conditioning system is essential to preserve the air quality of your home. Overconsumption, power failure, or poor air quality? So many consequences of poorly maintained air conditioning. Whatever the air conditioning model chosen, it will either require personal or professional air conditioning maintenance monitoring. Luckily, there are some precautions you can take to avoid big problems. Extending the life of your appliance also helps to preserve your health and that of your family or even your customers!

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner: A Necessity. Why?

Air conditioning maintenance can be useful in several ways:

  • Simply because the air conditioner draws in air, filters it, and releases it back to the room. Now, imagine the composition of your filters when they are not cleaned properly!
  • Proper maintenance of your air conditioner will limit frequent breakdowns in case of intensive use. Air conditioning maintenance also prevents premature degradation of the components and therefore makes a profitable investment.
  • Beneficial for health by preserving the quality of indoor air (limited pollution thanks to the filters cleaned regularly, which make it possible to exterminate microbes, particles, and molds linked to the condensation of your air conditioner).

When to Clean Your Air Conditioner?

As noted, a well-maintained air conditioner is a pledge of good health and savings. Indeed, if the air filter is dusty, it is a safe bet that the air in your home will not be good. Even worse, the device that was supposed to help you save you precious coins could cost you more in energy and health!

How to Detect a Problem?

If you encounter the issues below, there is a high possibility that your air conditioner isn’t functioning as it should. 

  • Very often, the appliance displays an indicator light when the filter is clogged. 
  • Other times the system is abnormally noisy or gives out an unpleasant odor in the propelled air. 
  • Difficulty starting or does not start anymore
  • Unit no longer cools or no longer heats
  • Water coming from the outdoor unit

These are some of the most common signs that should alert you that there is congestion somewhere in the machine. For other types of air conditioners, it’s up to you to have the right reflex. 

What Are the Major Risks?

The major risk of poor air conditioning maintenance is not realizing about the poor quality of the indoor air. Mold, fungus, and bacteria can develop due to the little air that can pass through. This situation is very detrimental to the health of people and animals. Indeed, who says mold says risk of allergy, asthma attack for the most sensitive, or even risk of legionellosis in the worst case. Poor or infrequent air conditioning maintenance, in some cases, also leads to inefficiency. Since it is dirty, it no longer allows hot or cold air to pass through. Without the intervention of a professional, this results in a reduction in energy efficiency, or even a progressive deterioration of the turbine engine.

How Often to Clean Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning maintenance involves simple steps that you can take so as not to reduce its efficiency. In full use, the air filter of your air conditioner should be cleaned at least twice a month. Especially if you live in a new house or apartment, dust is abundant there for the first year and could clog the air conditioner filter. Regarding the fan, annual cleaning is suitable unless you really have a lot of dust in your home. The same goes for the condensate drain pan.

Why Hire a Professional?

Generally, homeowners can service any air conditioner with just a vacuum and a little time. Before proceeding, do not forget to turn off the power. However, in case of more intense noise or even smell, it is better to call a professional to check the condition of the machine. They can also do a full check of the air conditioner to verify that there is no leakage since they have the necessary equipment and adequate training.  

An air conditioner should ideally be serviced annually to ensure proper functioning. Some air conditioning installers offer you an air conditioning maintenance contract with the installation. The professional comes every year to check the pressure, any leaks, and will clean the device properly. 

 Cleaning, dusting, controlling, so many things to do to maintain your air conditioning system. If you’re looking for a reliable service for the maintenance of your HVAC systems, the team at Beato Fuel Corp is able to successfully carry out all your projects in all types of buildings or outbuildings. Call them now and benefit from their extensive skills. You can rest assured, they will always find a solution or installation which complies with your needs and budget! 

Why Is the Maintenance of the Air Conditioning Unit Essential for Your Home?

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