5 Most Common Boiler Problems

A boiler can have problems with visible consequences (leaks, noises, smoke, etc.). The nature of these external signs can give an idea of ​​the origin of the dysfunction. However, given the complications of probable causes, it is advisable to seek the intervention of a specialist. Below is a list of the most common boiler problems.

1) Water leak 

A water leak in your boiler can have several causes:

· Inadequate pressure

When it is above average (2.5 to 3 Bar), the pressure valve will decrease and often create water leaks.

· A defective part

A scaled or damaged element can disrupt the normal operation (expansion tank, filling valve, etc.). In the absence of annual maintenance, there are often more problems with leaks.

2) Noisy Boiler

These noises can have different causes. The water circulation may be too fast. Noise occurring while using hot water can also be due to pressure problems. For instance, the pipes may contain air, which hinders the flow of water. 

3) Whistling Boiler

 The leading cause of a whistling boiler is due to a pressure problem, causing air to enter the system. An Inadequate flow can also cause air to enter the pipes. Another reason can be due to the rising temperature of the water. When the water rises in temperature, it the expansion tank expands, which increases the pressure in the circuit and damaged valves in plumbing fixtures and joints in supply pipes.

4) Problems Starting the Boiler

The start-up failure can have several causes. One of the primary issues can result from electrical concerns such as incorrect connections, damaged cables, or false contact. Other complications can come from pressure issues, device overheating, leaks in pipe or pipe obstructions. 

5) Boiler Producing Smoke

 When the boiler produces smoke, it is generally suspected that its burner, which is the component that provides heat, maybe poorly positioned or defective. Maintenance defects, including not carrying out

the necessary annual maintenance, also runs the risk of letting parts of the appliance get dirty or even deteriorate and consequently causes the boiler to release smoke. A professional will be able to find the precise origin of the smoke. They can check the adequacy between the burner setting and the boiler output and clean all parts of the boiler. 

If you need to install a boiler or experiencing issues, seek professional help to address your concerns effectively and prevent any further damage.

5 Most Common Boiler Problems
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