3 Common Causes of Air Conditioning Failures

1) Filter Problems

 Is your indoor unit no longer blowing hot enough (or cold) air? Dirty filters often cause this type of air conditioning failure. The same reason applies if your air conditioning system produces an unusual noise, stops for a few moments, or operates abruptly. The air conditioning filter is there to protect you from outdoor pollution. It is therefore essential to change it regularly.

2) Air Conditioning Failures Due to Leaks

If the outdoor unit is leaking, it may be due to a problem with the condensate drain pan. Placed on a wall support, it is responsible for collecting the water flows from condensation. When this tank is full, it starts to overflow and causes a leak. This can be solved simply by emptying the tank before replacing it.

Another possible leak can be due to the refrigerant flowing from your outdoor unit. In this case, the leak is more serious and requires the intervention of professionals to identify the source of the leak and repair it. Too low a level of refrigerant not only prevents your unit from working, but it can also damage it.

To avoid any additional problems with the air conditioning in your home, unplug the appliance immediately while waiting for the intervention of the professional.

3) Several Devices Using the Same Source of Power

 The batteries of the remote control are new, the filters are clean, and the external unit does not leak? Your air conditioning failure may be more serious. If the fuse in your air conditioning frequently blows, causing the unit to shut down, too many devices may be using the same power source. It is also possible that the fault comes from the electrical panel. 

In all cases, a regular inspection visit is essential and guarantees the proper functioning of your air conditioner. The ideal is to sign a maintenance contract with the company that took care of the installation. An inspection should be carried out at least every five years (or more depending on the power of the device and its use).

If in doubt, it is best to contact a qualified electrician who will be able to identify and resolve the problem. It is compulsory and even punishable by a fine if other serious issues arise from air conditioning failures! Do not wait until the last minute before having your units checked.

3 Common Causes of Air Conditioning Failures
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