Why Install an Air Purifier at Home?

If outdoor air pollution is a problem, studies show that the air in confined spaces, such as homes, offices and transportation is also polluted. To solve this problem, many homes are opting for air purifiers. Does this device really solve the problem?

Did you know that the air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted inside the house than outside? The most common pollutants at home include:

  • Viruses

One cubic meter of air can contain about 15,000 flu viruses.

  • Dust

One ounce of dust is made up of about 42,000 living mites. And a mite emits 20 fecal balls into the air every day.

  • Cigarette smoke

The risk of contracting chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is 2 to 3 times greater in people who often breathe a large amount of smoke in a closed place.

  • Household products

Cleaning products spray many harmful chemicals into the air.

  • Pet dander

Dander from cats and dogs also contributes to air pollution.

Air purifiers are helpful in removing the majority of indoor pollutants. The device operates through a system of internal fans that act as a pre-filter to remove particles such as dust, bacteria, pollen and others. It is then sent to a second filter which performs more sophisticated work, including the absorption of odors, smoke and other organic components. When it is purified, the air is released back into the house.

While an air purifier will greatly help in having a healthy interior, there are also some additional gestures that you can adopt to contribute to a safer space.

  • Clean the interior daily to remove dust
  • Prevent the development of mold by spreading the laundry outside and ventilating the bathroom to avoid the accumulation of steam
  • Change the sheets regularly and vacuum the mattress from time to time to prevent the development of mites.

Many people often have problems wondering which brand of air purifier would be the best for their home. Air purifiers can be analyzed in a variety of ways such as depending on the design of the purifier, its functions or longevity of filters.  If you’re still in doubt, visit North York Heating Plumbing & Electrical Supplies for all your HVAC needs!

Why Install an Air Purifier at Home?

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