3 Steps on how to Maintain your Furnace

Maintaining a furnace is one of the most important things to do in your home. Furnaces are sometimes neglected and forgotten. However, if you want a proper constant temperature in your home, you need to regularly check on them and ensure they are well functioning.

Inspecting the air filters

You need to replace the air filters when they look dirty because frequent changing will prevent accumulation of dirt and debris. Always make sure to buy the right size filter as well.

Maintaining your detector

A failing furnace can leak carbon monoxide into your home which is highly dangerous. Make sure to maintain it regularly by changing the detector batteries in the spring and fall.

Keeping vents clean

Make sure to remove all the heating vents covers from the floors and ceilings around your home. You need to clean the vents properly to prevent dust settlement and to keep it clear. However, some tasks are better left to be taken care of by professionals. These can include:

• Tightening loose electrical connections
• Oiling all the moving parts
• Inspecting all gas connections

If your furnace is squeaking, rattling, or making loud noises, this may be because a part has become loose. These steps guarantee that your furnace is working at its highest efficiency and blowing the perfect temperature all around your home.

3 Steps on how to Maintain your Furnace
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