Choosing the Best Freestanding Toilet: Our Advice

Bringing complete comfort to one’s toilets requires special care in choosing the furniture that will adorn them. For this, the choice of the freestanding bathroom must meet a certain number of criteria so that the interior of your toilet is optimal. Here are some tips to help you choose the best toilet.

The dimensions of the freestanding toilet

To make an appropriate choice for the setting where you are about to integrate the toilet , you must consider the pot’s dimensions and compare them to the dimensions of the location to be reserved for it. Commonly, toilets tend to have standard dimensions depending on the type of toilet you choose. About the height, you can have a toilet with a maximum height of 80 cm and a width of around 40 cm. This information is standard. They will certainly vary when choosing a toilet with various criteria. However, you can seek advice from your sanitary professional.

The use you want to make of the toilet

Still talking about the dimensions of the toilet you are going to choose, you must also consider the people who will use it. This is important to ensure comfort for everyone. For this, select a pot with a moderate size of 22 cm at most for the use of children. Do not forget to consider the morphology of the children, who must also be satisfied by your choice. If your toilet is also to be used by elderly or disabled people, the choice must take this detail into account to satisfy them.

The type of toilet drain

Choose your freestanding toilet taking into account the type of evacuation it has. There usually are two types: vertical venting and horizontal venting. Toilets with a horizontal drain are the most popular these days because of their ease of connection. They are more trendy, and the great mass opts for this type. The second type, the one with a vertical evacuation, is a little more challenging to connect, but it has an implacable aesthetic. The vertical exhaust system is concealed in the wall. This makes it possible to obtain a relatively comfortable and pleasing-to-the-eye installation.

WC with or without rim

Another criterion for a successful choice of freestanding toilet is the type of bowl that characterizes your bathroom. The flange is essential for a toilet, given the roles it plays. However, the part covered by the flange is generally inaccessible to cleaning and then constitutes a space for the proliferation of various bacteria and microbes. Then the rimless models appeared and better promoted absolute hygiene in your toilet. You must therefore lean your choice on this side to ensure that you choose the right

model for you. Do not forget that models with open flanges are also efficient.

The cost of the toilet to be installed

The best freestanding toilet is the one that meets the best criteria and is sold at an affordable price. Make no mistake about it; quality is expensive, especially when a choice is based on specific criteria. It is therefore advisable to browse various shops in search of a freestanding toilet that meets all your standards and is sold simultaneously at the best price. So be sure to compare the different information you have collected to make the choice that meets the best value for money. You can also get help from an expert plumber to judge the quality of the manufacturing material.

Choosing the Best Freestanding Toilet: Our Advice
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