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In general, any new construction needs an electricity supply. This service is available upon request and is operated by state-approved power system operators. There are several managers in France, the most used of which is ENEDIS. The latter ensures the connection of a new building to the electricity network. Here is some information and advice on the ENEDIS connection request.

The application process for an ENEDIS connection


Today, the connection procedure by the ENEDIS manager is done through two means of communication. This is possible by internet or by telephone assistance. Its application needs some information intake.

Who can initiate the procedure?

There are companies specializing in electrical installation, which includes setting up the internal network and monitoring the electrical connection. The owner can therefore appoint the builder, the project manager, or the electrician to take on this task. According to the rules of the ENEDIS procedure, the agent must sign a mandate authorization before sending it to the connection manager. However, the steps will require your personal involvement in the electrical connection process. These interventions are essential for obtaining an electricity meter.

Plan the whole procedure

It is a complete and well-detailed estimate of the various aspects of the operation. This must be done by electrical work professionals before filing the document. The simulation takes into account all the work and the costs of purchasing materials and installation. The ENEDIS platform offers a remotely assisted simulation session. All you have to do is create your profile and access your personal customer space. An overview of the connection simulation will be carried out and will allow you to have all the basic information about the process.

The constitution of the ENEDIS file

To launch a connection request, a file must be compiled according to certain criteria. This must contain the following:

  • An ENEDIS form is available on the site or at the manager’s premises. It involves the provision of a certain amount of information essential for a good follow-up of the file.
  • The desired metering power is determined by the electrical capacity of the building.
  • A carefully drafted promise of commitment with decision-making offering real financial guarantees on the smooth running of the work
  • Proof of having obtained municipal authorization giving the right to build, for example, the building permit
  • Plans or photographs of the house from several angles, especially those necessary for the electrical installation
  • An extract from the cadastre
  • A copy of the detailed plan of the complete architectural structure of the building.

The different phases of an electrical connection

The electrical connection at the ENEDIS manager is made in four essential steps.

The filing of the request 

After compiling the file according to the above provisions, the owner or one of his agents sends everything to ENEDIS. A study of the file and feasibility will be carried out by the agents of the manager.

Choosing the type of connection

After a good study of the file, ENEDIS will, in turn, make proposals and remarks to the applicant. This is generally done within 10 days of filing the file. There will also be notified of the duration of the works and their price.

Start of work

If all parties are in agreement, work can begin. They are provided by ENEDIS agents. The meter will be installed, and all work will be done.

Full settlement

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Costs must be fully paid before the meter is put into operation. In conclusion, an ENEDIS connection request is a procedure that follows four steps. The file must be well constituted, and the form must be properly completed. The request can be made remotely or physically. The process concludes with the installation of the meter. But the latter can only be put into operation after full payment of the connection costs.

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Our Advice For ENEDIS Connection Request In France
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