You wish to entrust the realization of your plumbing work to a professional plumber, but you do not know what budget to envisage. Be reassured, you will find in this article all the essential information concerning the expenses related to this work.

The hourly rate of a plumber


Being a building professional, the plumber sets hourly rates. But it is important to note that these depend on many factors, namely the provider himself, the geographical area, the day of the intervention (the cost of intervention is much higher on weekends), etc.

The price of a plumber

The cost of a plumber’s service varies from one provider to another. Each one sets its own rates according to its needs. Moreover, there is no law that obliges him to align himself with the competition. This makes it difficult to estimate the hourly cost of a plumber.

According to some data, the hourly rate of this professional in Île-de-France is between 70 and 140 euros. On the other hand, this price varies between 34 and 70 euros in the regions. As you can see, the hourly rate of a plumber is more expensive in the center of France than in its outskirts.

The rate of a plumber, including all taxes

To know the plumber’s rate, including all taxes, add a VAT to the rate he offers you. You should also know that this rate depends greatly on the size of the work to be done and the age of the house. According to the tax authorities, the latter is said to be old if it is more than two years old. Therefore, a house that is less than 2 years old is considered new. To this effect, the VAT rate is not at all the same. Thus, the VAT rate applied in renovation is 10%, while that applied for repairs or in the new is 20%.

Traveling expenses


The price of the plumbing service includes not only the supply of the necessary material but also the labor. In addition to this price, there are travel expenses. This is a compensation for the cost of transportation of the plumber and the equipment. In this case, the professional is free to set the price.

Generally speaking, you will be charged a travel fee if your home is located more than 15 km from the plumbing company’s headquarters. To get the best value for your money, consider comparing several quotes.

Good to know: the cost of travel generally ranges from 20 to 100 euros.

The price of plumbing work

As mentioned earlier, the price offered by the plumber depends largely on the size of the work to be undertaken. In principle, the most requested services are charged as a package. Here is a small summary of the average rates for plumbing work.

Plumbing repairs

Whatever the type of plumbing repair work to be carried out, repairing a blocked pipe, repairing a leak, changing the flushing mechanism, or changing a tap, your plumber can charge you a rate ranging from 60 to 200 euros. However, for an urgent repair, you should expect a budget of 120 and 350 euros.

If you hire a plumber to replace your water heater, you should expect to pay around 400 euros. This price includes the emptying of the tank, the removal of the old water heater, and the installation of the new one.

The sanitary installation


The price of the installation of sanitary equipment, such as the sink or the tap, is generally between 60 and 100 euros. Therefore, there will be an additional cost if work on the water evacuation or the creation of an inlet is required.

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Calling On The Services Of A Plumber In France: What Budget Should You Plan?
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