When I embarked on my first renovation project, I didn’t just have one bathroom to remodel; I had nine! That’s when I realized why people prefer to start with a small project: you make mistakes on a smaller scale. The good thing about this project is that I learned a lot about bathrooms. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things everyone should know about renovating a bathroom.

1. Changing things around is expensive


If you’re “on a budget” for your bathroom remodel, the first thing to keep in mind is that changing plumbing items in place can be very complex and expensive. If you have the option of leaving the sink, shower, and bathroom in the same location, you have just significantly reduced the complexity of your project (and the cost at the same time). The toilet is the most complex and potentially expensive to relocate because the drain measures forty inches, and you can’t run it anywhere. 

2. Plumbers have good prices on baths, showers, and faucets

I spent a lot of time shopping for baths, shower bases, and faucets, only to find that my plumber had much better prices than I could find on the market. And for comparable quality. Plus, when he supplies and installs the equipment if there’s a problem, it’s easier to manage the warranty. I still compare prices, but I’m now much more open to what my plumber has to offer.

3. It’s possible to hire the trades separately


Right now, one of the realities of the construction market is that general contractors are overworked and often don’t want to travel for small projects. This reality can make the overall price significantly higher for a bathroom than if you had hired the various trades yourself. If your budget is tight and you’re not afraid of project management, you may decide to hire a plumber, electrician, and tiler yourself.

4. Use drywall and mildew-resistant paint in the bathroom

Since the bathroom is a room where a lot of moisture accumulates, you need to choose an appropriate type of gypsum and paint. The gypsum chosen must be mold-resistant (depending on the brand, these are often green or blue). The paint must also be mold resistant: those designed for kitchens and bathrooms are good options, but quality acrylic-based paints can usually do the trick as well.

5. Always put a waterproof membrane behind the ceramic


You might think that ceramic is waterproof, but it’s not! There is always the possibility of water infiltration behind the ceramic. It is, therefore, important that a waterproof membrane be installed before the installation. Tilers usually offer to do this. But don’t forget this step if you decide to install the tiles yourself.

6. The quality of the toilet is important

It can be very tempting to buy a toilet at a discounted price at a clearance center. In the end, it’s just a toilet, right? Wrong. What makes a “good toilet” is the thickness of the lacquer on the porcelain bowl. A poor-quality toilet will wear out quickly and be difficult to clean.

7. We can transform our bathroom without redoing it

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Sometimes you can completely transform your bathroom by changing the vanity, shower or bath doors, and toilet and changing the style with wall panels. Other times, our bathroom is too old, and we really have to tear it out. In this case, keep in mind that although the cost of a bathroom can be unlimited, it is possible to renovate a bathroom for less than $5000 by getting involved and being strategic.

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Top 7 Things To Know About Bathroom Renovations
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    Thanks for the reminder that the quality of the toilet is also essential to consider when planning a bathroom renovation. I’d like to find a good remodeling contractor soon because I want to have more space in my bathroom. I might need to get rid of my large sink to be replaced.


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