How to Check Your Electricity Meter?

The electricity supply can be interrupted by small breakdowns. When they happen, the first thing to do is to check your meter. In the same way, you have the possibility to check the conformity of what you pay in relation to your consumption. To do this, you need to make regular checks on your electricity meter. However, you are not allowed to do any repair work on your meter. Here’s how to check your meter yourself.

Checking for a Power Outage

Checking your meter can help you detect a power outage. Indeed, when you have a power failure, it is possible that it is at the level of your meter. Therefore, before contacting your supplier, you should make the usual checks.

Your first instinct should be to check the circuit breaker. It is easy to check if the circuit breaker is off or on. When you find it at the zero point, you must bring it back to the point 1. Indeed, it must be in this position to allow you to have electricity.

When you activate it to put it in operating position and you find the connection with the electrical network, you have solved your breakdown. If, in spite of your action, the breakdown persists or when you check your account and the circuit breaker is in the normal position, know that the breakdown comes from elsewhere. You can ask for a technician or contact your supplier.

Checking Consumption Information on the Meter

Depending on the type of meter you have, this action can be complete or not. When you need to have information about your electricity consumption, and you have an old meter, you will only have the number of kWh you have consumed.

No other information will be available on the consumption period for example. On the other hand, when you have a new generation meter, i.e. a meter that communicates with you, you will have details of your daily consumption. Even better, this information will be available on your customer area. You just have to go to your supplier’s website to find it.

Taking the Electricity Meter Reading

Before taking your meter reading, it is important to locate the meter that is assigned to your consumption. Generally, this meter is located in the basement. Then, the system that you need to perform the reading depends on the type of meter you have.

Electromechanical Meter Reading

When you have an electromechanical meter, you need to know how to read the analog markings since that is the type of display assigned to it. You have the option of reading your meter depending on the type of option you subscribe to.

When it is the basic option, the reading is done directly on the screen. You will not have any difficulties to read your meter. It is when you are on the peak/off-peak option that you have to be a little careful. The consumption for off-peak hours is displayed on the first dial. To obtain the peak hour consumption, you have to press the scroll button to make the second dial appear.

Electronic Meter Reading

With electronic meters, you have a digital dial that scrolls the consumption. When you are in the basic option, it is easy to read your meter. You just have to press the scroll button and it’s done.

On the other hand, in the case of a full/short time option, you will need to do more manipulations. However, it is always with the scroll button that you will have to do the manipulation. Press this button twice to obtain the peak hour consumption. When you do the manipulation while you are in off-peak hours, you will have to make an inverse reading compared to the one in peak hours.

How to Check Your Electricity Meter?

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