What is Green Electricity and Why We Need It?

Green electricity! A term we have been hearing quite a lot these days. But what is green electricity? And do we really need it?

Green electricity relates to the production of electricity from sources that do not impact the environment during the whole transformation process. It is not always exactly green though. Green electricity can be produced from solar, wind, geothermal, biogas, and other hydroelectric sources.

The complete life cycle of renewable energy technologies should be taken into account including how much energy is required to produce them, transport or install them, maintain and dispose of them.

For the electricity to truly be considered a green energy, the plant construction, power plant, raw materials extraction, fuel processing, fuel combustion, fuel delivery, electricity transmission, and other upstream and downstream processes should be taken into consideration.

Nowadays, many houses are gearing towards a green approach and want to make use of green electricity. Some countries are even selling cleaner and environmentally-friendly electricity.

Do Homes Need Environmentally-Friendly Electricity?

The electricity that is derived from the sun, wind or flowing water comes from natural sources of the environment and are thus renewable. Unlike fossil fuels which will eventually run out, the renewable sources of energy are the best option to choose.

Moreover, choosing to go green helps our planet with a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions. This protects the ozone layer of the planet and shields us from harmful UV lights. Green electricity is also believed to be cheaper and improve the security of our homes.

Do Businesses Need Green Electricity?

Not only houses but businesses using green electricity is also on the rise. Many organizations are moving towards a sustainable approach and adopting a greener way of doing things. Businesses using green power can really benefit as this help differentiate themselves from their competitors. Customers are more likely to choose a green company and support a good cause.

Other stakeholders like investors and partners can also be more easily acquired as people like to associate themselves with businesses which are making use of green energy. The press usually jumps on topics concerning businesses and their new ways of doing things, thus this can help for publicity and word of mouth.

In order to preserve our planet and restore our flora and fauna, we need to make use of green energy.

What is Green Electricity and Why We Need It?
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