I always like to start with something personal, so please bear it with me!

I was raised in a Christian home by amazing Christian parents. While other believers deemed that Monday and Friday belonged to the world and Sunday to God only, my father taught me to live every day for God. He was always reminding us of 1 Corinthians, where Paul said, “Whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God.” It was that particular verse that I quickly latched on to as my life verse.

Back then, while the business world was busy prioritizing success, profits and productivity, my father wanted to do more than simply run a business on profits. He wanted his faith in Christ to be fully incorporated into his plumbing business network, influencing everything from the recruitment process to employee relations and strategic planning.

However, a lot of people told him that spiritual anointing won’t work and a Christian cannot run a business on Biblical principles. He can be torn, for example, between returning more profit to his shareholders and raising the wages of his workers. All in all, they said his idea of a faith-based business would leave a bitter taste in his mouth.

However, recently, after coming across a few Christian plumbers, I’ve realized that Christian business professionals can work in a “Babylonian” organizational culture, but unlike Abednego, Shadrach, Meshech and Daniel, they won’t be thrown into a fiery furnace or a lion’s den. Even if today’s corporate cultures discourage any form of religious faith from being expressed within an organization, there are still a few businesses that have been dedicated to God and submitting to His purpose and strategies.

So, let’s learn how believers have started their plumbing businesses with the mindset to “make a difference while plumbing for Jesus Christ.”

What Is a Christian Plumber?

What Is a Christian Plumber?

Suppose someone is working as an apprentice to an experienced plumber or is involved in another job but has the expertise of this trade. That person might start thinking about opening his own plumbing business because he wants to be his own boss instead of working for someone else’s plumbing business. Or, maybe he’s heard how plumbers are often thought to make a lot of money and he’s decided to run his own successful business.

Now, compared to this, most people wonder about what makes a Christian plumbing business different? Is there a specifically “Christian” way to install hot water systems or unclog blocked toilets, drains and pipes? Is there a “miraculous” way to repair sanitation systems or install a simple faucet? Well, I can’t imagine if there is indeed.

A Christian plumbing business operates like any other plumbing company. It is licensed and insured. And, it offers the same wide range of plumbing services from the reparation of sewer lines to the installation of water heaters, gas lines and showers. The only difference is that it is based on Christian beliefs and it sticks to Biblical principles. The company operates by placing a large emphasis on its religious faith and this same faith is used to help drive the business’ philanthropic efforts.

For example, the plumber I know is not shy at all about marketing himself as a Christian plumber. You’ll find the tagline “Plumbing for Jesus” and a fish decal on his white-colored van. Wherever he goes, he will share his faith or his personal story how Jesus saved him with his customers. Whether he’s simply providing a listening ear or teaching customers’ kids a Christian song while working, these are the ways how he reveals his spiritual bearings.

And, while scrolling through his website, I found the testimonies of some of his customers:

“A Christian Plumbing is awesome. I would highly recommend them. They just fixed a plumbing problem of mine and their rates are great!”


“I am 9 months pregnant and was on my way home from a solo trip. The Christian plumber paid for my lunch today out of the kindness of his Christian heart. Know that he brightened my day and warmed my soul. If I ever need a trustworthy plumber, I will def contact him! God Bless him and his family!”


“That was the first time I hired a Christian plumber and I must say, I wasn’t disappointed.”


What Does It Mean to Be a Christian Plumber?
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