Common Plumbing Emergencies

All homeowners know that plumbing emergencies can occur once in a while. As you continue reading, you will find the six most common plumbing issues that can arise in any household.

1. Clogged Toilets

Typical plumbing issues!

As toilets are among the most used plumbing fixtures in all households, they will go through some wear and tear. If your toilet is making a strange noise, leaking or not flushing at all, it is most likely blocked!

Toilet clogs can be caused by various reasons, whether it’s due to the excessive use of toilet paper or simply because a small kid decided to flush a non-flushable item such as a sock down the toilet. Toilet blockages need to be taken care of quickly as otherwise they can lead to overflows and turn into health hazards.

Numerous DIY tips on how to unclog a toilet are available online. However, if you think you won’t be able to handle this matter, seek the help of a local plumber.

2. Clogged Sinks

Suppose you are washing the dishes in the kitchen or brushing your teeth in the bathroom and the water suddenly stops or starts to flow very slowly. It’s irritating, right?

Usually, kitchen sinks tend to get blocked due to the build-up of bits of food, while in the bathroom, the most common cause of clogged sinks is hair. Sometimes, slow drainage is not an emergency, but the sink can overflow if the drain is completely blocked. You can either fix this issue yourself with a plunger or drain snake or call a plumber. Nevertheless, the best method to prevent a blocked sink is to avoid dumping big chunks of food down the drain.

3. Clogged bathtubs and Shower Drains

You are taking a bath and the water begins to rise to your ankles along with some soap scum and other impurities from the drain. Rather unpleasant, isn’t it?

The two most common reasons for blocked shower drains are soap scum and an accumulation of hair.

The only practical solution is to call the expert of the field: a plumber!

4. Burst Pipes

One of the most significant problems that plumbers have to deal with! Did you know that a single burst pipe can release from 4 to 8 gallons of water per minute?

Burst pipes can often occur during winter seasons, where the freeze-thaw weathering process can cause exposed pipes to burst. Additionally, another cause of burst pipes is corrosion. For instance, residents from Metro-Detroit have fallen victims to burst pipes on several occasions.

Burst pipes are very detrimental for your home as it can send a massive flood of water into your rooms and ruin many things – from furniture to flooring. It is recommended to minimize the damage by immediately shutting off the water supply and removing furniture pieces that can be affected. Burst pipes can cause significant damage to your home and therefore, it is advised to call a plumber as soon as possible.

5. Leaky Washing Machine Hoses

Although washing machines are known to be strong and durable home appliances, their water hoses are often the weakest parts. Hoses are essential as they help in draining water from the machine. However, if you find your washing machine hose to be cracked or covered in rust, it is recommended to fix it quickly.

Do not ignore a deformed or bulging hose as it can lead to severe problems and get the right help from professionals!

6. Water Heater Malfunction

Water heaters are great assets during unbearably long and cold winters.

However, what if your water heater is leaking and strange noises are coming from it? What if the water has a peculiar colour and odour or it’s too hot or too cold?

A leaky water heater often represents high water bills, and thus it is essential to fix the problem. If the heater’s valve is damaged, it can be easily replaced, but you need a new heater if the whole system is damaged.

Do you have any of these above-mentioned plumbing issues? Please share your comments!

Common Plumbing Emergencies

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