We all know the importance of having a proper rainwater evacuation system in our home. But it is just as practical in any construction, including pergolas. If you have a structure of this type, you will have noticed that the waterfalls directly from the roof on rainy days. As a result, puddle the entire perimeter, damaging the ground and causing water damage. Therefore, it is best to place gutters that collect the water that falls on the pergola’s surface to solve this problem. Here we tell you how to install gutters and downpipes for pergolas and the different options you can find in the market. However, keep in mind that installing a water collection system is essential to have a professional. First of all, as it is a job that is done at the top. And on the other hand, the gutters’ assembly requires previous knowledge for the operation’s smooth running.

Choosing Gutters for Pergolas

Before opting for gutters of one type or another, it is essential to consider the size they have to be. Since there are gutters of different sizes in diameter depending on the water, they have to collect. To know which is the most suitable measure, we will first consider the pergola cover’s surface. And then assess the rainfall in the area. Thus, we can choose a size capable of evacuating all the rainwater to minimize overflowing chances. There are gutters from 80 millimeters in diameter to 250 millimeters, so even if the pergola has a large area with a lot of rain, there will always be options.

Then it is time to decide the material of the gutters that we are going to install. The lacquered aluminum gutters for pergolas are an excellent option. Since the price is quite affordable, they are lightweight and fully customizable. So they can integrate very well with the style of the pergola. The gutters that, however, our professionals never recommend are PVC ones. And even less in the case of pergolas, since they deteriorate very quickly in sunlight. We also often find instances of rustic houses where the installation of gutters in a garden pergola can be a problem, usually due to the aesthetics of the place and the difficulty of finding channels that do not clash. For those cases, the best option is copper gutters.

Gutter Installation for Pergolas

Installing gutters is not a piece of cake, and therefore it’s recommended to hire professionals like ABC Seamless Rain Gutters for an impeccable finish. They are staffed with qualified personnel with extensive experience in installing gutters in pergolas. With an expert’s work, you will be guaranteed a perfectly integrated drain that perfectly fulfills its function. Before doing the installation, you will have to measure the pergola to know the gutter’s linear meters that will be needed. Once we have all the necessary materials, the installation can be done quickly.

The procedure includes giving the gutter a slight incline to allow the water to flow quickly. Depending on the shape and size of the structure, the downspouts will also have to be installed. And integrate them as far as possible with the pillars of the pergola. And depending on your tastes and the pergola’s location, you can add additional accessories for decoration purposes. 

Gutter Maintenance for Pergolas

Do not forget that good gutter maintenance is as important as the installation. You must have professionals who can do the corresponding periodic reviews. Those are usually two a year, coinciding with autumn and spring. So you can have the gutters of the pergola in perfect condition. The checks typically consist of cleaning the drain thoroughly with all plants, and animal remains are removed and cleaned with a pressure hose. In this way, you will be protecting the water evacuation system from blockages and obstructions in the future.

During thorough gutter maintenance, the general state of the installation is also checked. The technicians will look for cracks or leaks and proceed with reparation where needed. Although a fissure may seem insignificant, time and inclement weather can cause it to develop. In this case, the gutters can be in danger, suffering breakages and water leaks. These faults can affect the structure of the pergola and its foundations.

How to Install Gutters for Pergolas?

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