Where to Install a Mini Water Heater
  • Unlike a storage water heater that stores hot water, a mini water heater is part of the “on-demand” water production system, just like an instantaneous water heater. It is therefore ideal for water points in small spaces that still require a hot water supply.
  • Mini water heater: for independent water points
  • When you can’t connect a water point far from your main domestic hot water production system (boiler or cumulus), the mini water heater allows you to have hot water in complete autonomy and without limit.
  • Indeed, the mini water heater is a decentralized and independent device, with a small capacity and without any storage. Consuming only when it is in operation, this small water heater can allow you to make substantial energy savings.
  • With a capacity of fewer than 50 liters, the mini water heater is ideal for a hand basin, sink, or washbasin, and also to equip a motor home.
  • Energy sources for a mini water heater
  • Two possible sources of energy for this small, economical, ultra-compact water heater, which is perfectly suited for small spaces:
  • – Electricity:
  • ◦ the most common and efficient;
  • ◦ based on the same principle as the electric instant water heater;
  • ◦ the mini electric water heater requires a high power to operate (albeit for short periods of time and not continuously), this may in some cases require you to change your subscription with your electricity supplier.
  • – Natural gas or propane/butane :
  • ◦ a little polluting, but good efficiency;
  • ◦ requires a connection to the city network and a flue gas evacuation system;
  • ◦ based on the same principle as a gas-fired instantaneous water heater;
  • ◦ with or without an electrical connection.
  • Where to install the mini water heater?
  • The mini water heater can be installed in any room, as long as you have :
  • – a cold water supply;
  • – an electrical connection or a gas supply (depending on the energy source);
  • – for the mini gas water heater (equipped with a gas cut-off safety device):
  • ◦ at least good ventilation, or installation in a room with a minimum surface area ;
  • ◦ or for some models a connection to an exhaust duct (chimney or suction cup).
  • – to respect the safety volumes in humid rooms and thus imposes an installation area for electrical appliances.
  • The choice of a mini water heater is particularly recommended in slightly complex configurations such as the following cases :
  • – your domestic water production system is more than 8 meters from the point of drawdown;
  • – your need for hot water is low and occasional;
  • – when the installation of another system is impossible.
  • Mini water heater and installation
  • With its lightweight and small dimensions, the mini water heater is very easy to install. Remember to ensure a quality fixing by using the type of fixing (dowel, screw) adapted to your wall. As for the hydraulic connection, most of these small water heaters are sold with the necessary accessories: faucet, water shut-off valve, connector, or elbow.
  • The type of installation depends directly on the model but remains approximately the same regardless of the type of appliance.


Installation of a mini water heater

Step 1

– Locate the location of the mini water heater on the wall.

– Using the spirit level, draw a line with a pencil to align the holes.

– Locate the mounting holes on the wall according to the unit.

Step 2

Drill the holes in the wall and insert dowels adapted to the type of wall and device (pay attention to the weight).

Step 3

Screw on the support bracket if the unit is intended to be placed on a bracket (allows removal in case of intervention).

Step 4

Place the water heater on the leg, making sure that the lower part rests on the wall.

Step 5

Check its horizontality and verticality with the spirit level and adjust if necessary.

And, that’s it. Your water heater is correctly installed. In case of difficulty, we can get you in touch with a professional electrician in your region.

Where to Install a Mini Water Heater

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